EXPERT LEVEL neck massage guide

My massage teacher said once “the day you’ve met someone who says they know it all, is the day you’ve met a fool!” 

This video slows down one of the easiest massage techniques you’ll learn so you can see exactly what each finger does. As well as weight distribution and focus areas. It’s a great way to get technical, specific and deliberate with your massage strokes. 

This video is a great contrast to the previous “easy” neck massage video I created 4 weeks ago.

A BIG Name For A Muscle That Has A BIG Job To Do!

You need to remember the name of this muscle, but it sure does help to know:

  • What this muscle does
  • Where it attaches to
  • Where it feels amazing to be massaged

The better you understand a muscle group, the easier it is for you to know how to relax that muscle. This is a simple guide to a very important muscle, explained in a way that you’ll understand. It’s also a great place to start as most muscle function in the same way. Get the hang of this one, and you’ll be able to pick up the others real fast!

1%ers separate the Professionals from the Amateurs

Your massage isn’t just a back rub. It’s an experience with someone you care about. You’re relaxing them, giving them attention, love and care.

  • The secret is in the details
  • Be better than everyone else
  • Keep your hands clean and feeling smooth

Take a minute to check your nails, a crappy state of nails = a crappy massage. It’s an easy fix.

This video is made specifically for couples who own Melt’s MasterClass – Tips For You!

After sharing back rubs for a little while, and the more confident your hands become we often forget about these things.

  • Don’t sweat the fancy stuff – keep it playful
  • Be amazing at the basics – it’ll make the harder techniques easy
  • When it feels good to you, I promise it…

This is a great reminder for my fellow Melter’s, I want to bring you back to the basics for just a few seconds. I promise, this will help you master the more difficult techniques.

The essential technique on how to give a great neck massage!

This is all you need to know to get started on a great neck massage!

  • Massage shouldn’t be complicated – this is ridiculously simple
  • Don’t do the pinchy pinchy technique… EVER!
  • Find your flow, watch your partner melt.

Follow this tutorial and be awesome at giving neck massages. Once you’ve got this down and confident, move onto Melt’s MasterClass and learn all the right techniques you need to give the best back rubs! Massage tutorials are below.