About the Intermediate Massage Course – Learning Highlights

The Basic Massage Course was a walk through the park compared to what you’ll learn in this course. The good thing is that at the end of this course the massage sequence I’ve given you (even though you’ll fall over when you see how big it is) is totally structured around the basic techniques. So if you’re comfortable with the basics you should do ok with the intermediate course.

Before you jump into right into it and start rubbing each other up with oil, skim through the ebook first to see what I’ve written. There are specific muscles that you’ll want to find and gain a little understanding of – these can often be felt better without oil.

Most of the techniques will give you guidance on how to find areas of tension within a muscle. Of course you’ll want to do this with your partner.

Set up your room again, make it nice and comfortable and clean. And use the cowboy / straddle chair seating when practicing.

Practice each technique for 5 minutes then swap over so you both have a go. Giving feedback is crucial, both positive and constructive is important. You may have to swap over several times on just the one technique until it feels right.

Go on… sink you’re teeth into this course. I’ll pop pop into your inbox every now and then to give you some more massage tips.


Denis Merkas.

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