My name is Denis Merkas, I’m an Australian Massage Therapist and I specialise in teaching couples how to give amazing back rubs.

How good are your back rubs? It’s easy when you know how to use your hands properly. In this post I’m going to show you two of my techniques which you can follow along to… this feels like heaven and you can do it right now! No oil or no massage table needed.

Today’s challenge, let’s see if we can make your partner melt in under 2-minutes! Ready…

BELOW: You’ll find two of my very own massage techniques. I’ll be demonstrating on my wife, Emma – you can follow along, I’ll talk you through it step-by-step. This video comes directly from the Melt Video Series, a complete series of techniques for couples.

Gents, this is stuff that wins you “the husband of the year” awards, remember this it’ll work wonders for your anniversary, for birthdays and Valentine’s Day…

Got 2-minutes?


The goal, a surprise head rub that’s good enough to make the person you love drool, in record time too. Massage is easy when you know the right way to use your hands.

We recommend you watch the video at least once before grabbing your partner and hitting the challenge.



How to sit for this challenge:

There are a few ways to position yourself; essentially you want your partner’s head to be at about chest height / just below. For this challenge, which only takes a few minutes, you can sit on the couch with your partner sitting between your legs in front of you. If that’s uncomfortable, you can stand, while your partner sits on a chair.

Anniversary, Birthday or Valentines

Special occasions like these deserve the full back rub experience, we’re going to need to step it up. You’re going to need more tips!

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