Learn how to teach Couples Massage Workshops in your home town…


Welcome Massage Therapists!

We’ve been getting a lot of emails from practitioners all over the world who want to learn how to teach Melt workshops.

I love this idea! To be honest, I never thought I would be setting up a page on Melt’s website inviting practitioners to learn how to teach Melt. This is quite a humbling moment, and I’m totally honoured that you’re here. If we can get enough practitioners on board, I will develop a Practitioner Course detailing exactly what I teach and my proven methods to get you large classes and very happy couples!



Emma and I run live workshops each month in Melbourne, Australia – they always sell out (without hardly any marketing). People travel from all over the world to join us.

Presenting live is the most favourite part of my job. It’s amazingly satisfying, you’ll receive direct feedback from couples, they’re glued to every word you say, and couples walk away from the workshops feeling loved up and connected.

We keep the workshops to a maximum of 50 people per class. This keeps them small enough to allow each couple with personalised attention.

Workshops last for 2 hours of actual massage time. It’s really that easy.

Please note: we’re not teaching couples how to become massage practitioners… they come to our workshops for couple time, to learn how to give each other amazing back rubs. This is an experience, and something fun for them, it’s not a formal class.

Here is an example size of an average workshop we run in Melbourne, and the reaction received at the end of a class:




The workshops are much different to the videos. We teach in a different position as to what is displayed in the video tutorials. We only cover 7 techniques, and at the end of the class each person will give their partner a 10 minute back rub.

After 10 years of teaching workshops – we’ve got it down to a fine art. 

I’ll share all my secrets with you in the practitioner’s course. There’s definitely a balance between not overloading your participants with too much information that they switch off, become restless and tired. But still giving them the right tuition so that they’re confident enough to make their partner Melt when they go home. We’ve got it so good, that each couple will remember every single stroke at the end of the class.


Any practitioner can learn the Melt Practitioners course.

To be certified by us, and listed on our website you’ll need to be a Licensed Massage Therapist, with at least 3 years’ experience and part of an association and hold indemnity insurance.



The practitioner’s course will be developed once we have 150 participants have signed up. I’ll create both a written booklet and also film the practitioners course including the techniques we use in our workshops as well as the final back massage routine.

This guide will give you everything needed to teach a workshop, at the same level of standards in which I teach my workshops in Melbourne Australia.