Our couples massage classes are designed to have you massaging tonight! The first couples massage class is so easy you’ll both swap roles (giving and receiving massages). We keep our tutorials PG, no nudity or awkwardness, but you can make your massage as cheeky as you like.

Actually… we recommend it. The more fun you have on your first massage; the more you’ll be inspired to massage again. Make it playful, there’s plenty of time to get into the more serious and technical side of massage. The first step is to make it feel good.

The second and third couples massage class cover how to massage on specific knots; you’ll learn deep tissue, including how to use your thumbs without hurting them. Each class combines their techniques into its very own massage routine… routines get more complex as your progress through the courses.

A Key Moment In Massage

Unmute this video.  It’s a helpful tip for any couple who want to learn how to make their partner melt.