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While the Corona Virus remains active – we’ve shut down all Workshops to do our part in preventing viral spread.

Massage your partner in the safety and comfort of your home – follow our online tutorials, they’re amazing.

What people have been saying:

This experience was amazing! We loved it. The staff were really friendly and the lesson was easy to follow and really fun to do!

Jess, Course Participant

Craig and Katija
Video Review:

… Better than what I thought it would be! I was skeptical, but it was excellent!

Magda & Thomas Video Review:

We loved it. We will definitely recommend it for friends.

“Outstanding! Truly a ‘gift that keeps on giving’ Excellent leaders, knowledgeable, competent, yet humorous. They made the session informative, teaching us the required skills but also made it fun to be there. The diverse group all felt included and welcome. Excellent value for money. Well done!”

“Did not really know what to expect heading to this with my husband. Felt a little awkward turning up to a room of about 20 couples however the vibe was really relaxed once the session started. Our teachers were great and we learnt some great techniques. Both my husband and I came away feeling relaxed and had thoroughly enjoyed the morning.”

“While there were more couples in attendance than I thought there might be, the hosts still managed to pay every couple individual attention and we learnt a lot! Great experience to share with my husband who used to be rubbish and all fingers pinching on my neck, but is now more relaxed and gentle and amazing at giving massages! Very happy with our purchase!”

“Really enjoyed it, easy to follow with some laughs and so, so relaxing. We both know how to massage without tiring out our hands now!”

“Our teachers were enthusiastic, experienced, patient and sensitive to our modesty. It was a great experience, filled with easy to learn and use techniques. It was over much too soon. Thanks!”

“Fantastic experience, would highly recommend it. So much better and more fun than we had thought. Both the staff made it fun and enjoyable. The program was really well-thought-out.”