Hey, I’m Denis Merkas – welcome to Melt Massage for Couples. A series of follow-along couples massage classes you can learn at home.

I created Melt in my 20’s to share massages with my partner without it feeling like I was in the clinic.

I wanted her to feel the hands of a professional massage practitioner and include a connection that only comes with your person. You know that signature hug… the one that only your person can give. That, inside a massage.


  • More than 50,000 couples have bought Melt’s MasterClass
  • 190 countries
  • I have my own massage oil (Sweet Almond Oil – on Amazon)
  • Melt is my full-time job.

I no longer work in clinical practice and shut down Merkas Health to focus 100% on studying how physical touch affects the health and happiness of couples. My goal is to reach 1-million melt’ers and then hire a lab to conduct independent studies on the benefits of non-sexual physical touch on our health at home.

Mainstream massage is heavily  focused on sports therapy, pain management and muscle recovery. There’s so much science yet to be discovered that we can study now that Melt is growing so big. As Melt continues to grow and you learn how to massage your partner, we’ll begin to research into:

  • Bridging muscle and emotion connection / do muscles store emotions?
  • Relationship / bonding between a couple using physical touch, effects on oxytocin

This is an ongoing process, topics and hypothesis will change over time. I want all Melt’ers to be a part of this Melt’s future studies – we have something important that can benefit couples world-wide and add the psychology books.

What is Melt all about? Start by watching this video

Get Your Hands On Each Other – Its Good For You! Denis Merkas