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August 2

October 11

What Happens On the Day?

Our couples massage workshops are a complete series of simple-to-do massage techniques that show you exactly where and how to massage your sweetie without stressing your own hands out. By the end of the class, we’ll piece together the techniques and guide you through a short back rub that will make your partner purr like a kitten!

This is a hands-on workshop, you will be massaging your partner – but only your partner and no one else, of course (that would just be weird!). The workshop is taught in a group environment which many couples say makes them more comfortable.

It’s a bucketload of fun. Sometimes two bucketloads!

What People Are Saying

I would recommend this as a mini escape for couples!
We learned techniques to practice at home and it was great to have time away from the usual stresses of life to indulge in each other whilst learning something new. Then we went and had a lovely lunch together!

Kerry, Course Participant