How good is your back rub?

Want to make your back rub dynamite? Keep reading… we’ve got a whole bunch of free videos for you that will help you.

Hi, my name is Denis Merkas, and I specialize in teaching couples how to massage. The lucky girl getting the massage below is my wife, Emma  – we’ve been teaching couples how to massage for over 8 years. And have taught thousands of couples.

I’m about to show you the easiest way to instantly make your massage better – it’s so simple that you may facepalm yourself and then say – “yup, I totally get it.” This tip is just one of the many things I teach from the MELT: Massage for Couples video series – a $99 package that teaches couples exactly where to put their hands and what to do with them.

It’s not rocket surgery…

Massage is easy when you know what you’re doing with your hands. Take a look at this – this here is how the experts make it feel so good – without hurting their hands or getting tired:

Mold your hands to your partner’s body. Explore every line and every curve. Keep your palms down and fingertips down to create a full and luscious massage stroke.

Forget about deep tissue techniques or fancy strokes. This comes later and is no where near as important at molding your hands. I call this part romancing your partner’s body – get this right and your partner will fall in love with your hands.

* Watch how my hands mold to Emma’s arms. Look closely at my fingers *

Couples Massage Tips

Do you think you can get this molding technique right?

If you’ve got this – the rest of my 17 massage techniques will be a piece of cake! Make him fall in love with our hands, even better, let’s teach him how to do this!

Just watching this you can see it feels amazing. It looks like the perfect stroke. This is super easy to do. Also, look how my my body sways, making Emma’s body sway too – we’re in sync with each other. It’s all very simple.