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Introduction – Watch Before You Grab Your Partner

Before you begin, here are 3 videos to help make your experience even better. Watch these videos first, before you start massaging. Once you’re organised, grab your partner and start with the Basic Series. Swap over at the end of the Basic Series so you both enjoy a massage.

2:15 – What to expect in this series (we won’t lie, it’s pretty good!)

4:46 – 3 reasons why I hate massaging on the bed + how Demi Moore inspired us to find the sexiest place to massage at home.

4:51 – Things you need before your partner gets involved.

SERIES 1: Basic Massage Course (20 minutes to learn)

Over the next 22 minutes we’re going to take you through some of the most important massage strokes every couple should know! At the end we’ll piece the techniques together for a mini-sequence and by this stage… we’re pretty sure your partner will have fallen in love with your hands. It’s super simple! Once you’re done massaging, you’ll switch roles so that you both get a massage! Give and take, people. Give and take.

0:53 – The most important strokes I’ll EVER teach you!

1:28 – Watch this before Applying Massage Oil – so many people get it wrong, these tips will make sure you get it right every time!

4:18 – First impressions count! This is how to apply oil the right way – and make it feel amazing.

3:39 – The most important massage stroke you’ll ever learn.

3:24 – A long, deep and rhythmical massage stroke. It’s delicious!

4:05 – The perfect release for the delicate muscles of the neck.

0:54 – A couple of hot tips before you begin your 5 minute massage routine.

6:13 The Basic Massage Routine – Stitching the basic techniques together to create your first short, but totally brilliant massage routine. Denis will talk you through each massage stroke making keeping you on track and sensational.

6:13 The Basic Massage Routine – without commentary. Feel like you’ve got it under control? Mute our music and play your partners favourite tunes to really make it a personal experience.

3:09 – Common problems I see couples having when massaging their partner. This could help you.


swap over and repeat the basic techniques again, before moving on.

That concludes our Basic Series.
Thanks from Denis and Emma

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting your hands all over your partner in a whole new way! We’d love to hear how your stay home date night went for you – simply reply to the email that initially led you to this page and let us know what you thought!