Sickness, Illness and Viruses


  • Promoting blood and lymph flow is important for your immune system, not only for protection but also for rehabilitation.
  • Flu-like symptoms will cause muscle aches and pains. You know that heavy feeling inside your muscles when you’re sick. The massages you give during this time should be focused on contouring – as deeper tissue work will cause more pain.
  • Contouring and lighter strokes will allow for the body to move blood reducing inflammation and lowering levels of cytokines. Lymph fluid is what cleans your body – this is where your white blood cells live and it’s your lymphocytes that do the hard work at processing bacteria in your body.
  • Lymph is a clear to white fluid and it moves slow throughout your body. Contouring is the technique we use to help promote the movement of lymph fluid through the body – you don’t need a lot of pressure. To the trained hand you’ll actually feel lymph nodes.

Most importantly, I cannot stress this enough. It only works when you massage each other.

You don’t need to be good at massage to help boost the immune system. Contouring is enough and we’re learning that today. Drop everything, get my oil bottle and start learning – contouring is simple and feels incredible!