to save $$

I’d follow this plan

The MasterClass is BIG – you do not need to learn everything to be good at massage.

For the best value, get good at…

only a few techniques. And then choose to continue learning, or unsubscribe and stick with the massage you know.

For some couples, two months is enough. Others keep learning with me for a lifetime.


    The short classes do amazing things for you:

    • They’ll build your confidence
    • They take 90 seconds and require no effort
    • They’ll motivate both you and your partner to start the MasterClass

    Don’t think, do them.

    I designed short classes so you don’t need to think about anything.
    You don’t need oil or set up the room. It’s done before an ad break.

    There’s one on this page, literally press play and copy what I do.


    Set a date to-do the Basic Course – takes 20-mins per person.

    • These techniques are foundational; you’ll use them for the rest of your life. Do the Basic Course
    • Relaxation and connection is found here! Keep that in mind when setting up.
    • Make it playful, be cheeky (massage is more fun this way!)

    Be Playful! Be Cheeky!

    After this date night, set another one for next week – do the same course again. It’s even better the second time around!

  • 2 deep tissue classes (thats all)

    Find your go-to moves! It’s better to be amazing at a couple of techniques than average at lots.

    • Practice 2 (maybe 3) deep tissue techniques
    • Become an expert at these techniques
    • Get to know the knots and what it takes to release them

Follow This Plan – and you’ll have a massage that lasts a lifetime

  • Do one short class each night for 3 nights in a row – this starts your flow
  • Be exceptional at the basics! So good you can do them blindfolded
  • Find your go to moves (no more than three), become the expert on your partners body

where couples fail


Fail #1 = They Never Start

There are a million ways to sabotage the beginning. The secret is: dont think, just do. Short classes is where its at if you haven’t started by now.

Fail #2 = Comfort

As soon as you’re uncomfortable it’s game over and you’ll never masasge again. Massage is not a one size fits all and you need to adapt to your body type.

NOTE: Everybody struggles with comfort, even professional massage practitioners. Solutions: start simple; head, hands and feet are really good on the bed / couch and can be wonderfully comfortable for the both of you. Try these massages.

why tell me this?

I designed the MasterClass to grow with you. It gets better the more you do it – the more you practice.

When you do unsubscribe, I want you to be left with lasting results. With knowledge that is remembered so you can make your partner melt for years to come.

Melt will always be here, waiting for when you want to level up your game. Lifetime members do exactly that, they play for a little bit, take a break and then consistently come back year after year.

Never. Stop. Learning!