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VIDEO: Why You Shouldn’t Massage on The Bed

Where you massage your partner is more important than you think. It makes sense – as soon as you’re uncomfortable, you won’t be enjoying the experience anymore and the massage will come to an untimely end. Don’t spoil the fun by setting yourself up wrong from the beginning!

Watch the video above to learn the three excellent reasons we never massage on the bed and see exactly how “The Melt Set Up” works. This is the perfect way to set up your massage at home, without a massage table or fancy equipment, and it’s far more intimate and sexy than you can even imagine, helping to create a deeper connection with your partner while you massage.

“What was really helpful was when Denis talked about massage locations – the bed vs The Melt Set Up… In the past we have always used the bed, but this is part of why I wore out so quickly. And if I was on the receiving end, I sank uncomfortably far into the bed and my back felt weird when pressure was applied. Not so relaxing!

We watched the first videos together, then set up our environment (candles, pillows, music, oil) and got started. What I noticed during the first Melt massage was that even though I massaged for half an hour, I never became tired or worn out. We were both in a relaxing setting doing a relaxing activity, and we both loved it.”

“We really like The Melt Set Up as described in the videos. It’s much more comfortable and enjoyable than laying on the bed with your neck cranked off to one side.”

“I always thought massages should be done on the bed, but glad that the reasoning for sitting was thoroughly explained. I love the bean bag idea; it works like a charm and makes giving massages seem nearly effortless.”