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We hate spammers more than you do! And that’s why we make people confirm their email address.
It’s important that you confirm your email address so you know that you’re not being spammed and that you actually want to be emailed by Denis.

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Denis has some great info to share, things that will help you know that you’re on the right track.
Keep an eye on your email account to catch some great advice such as:
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  • How to create a sexy room
  • Tips on what couples MUST avoid when massaging
  • When not to massage
  • How to get more massages in your life without working for it
  • Discounts codes to Denis’ live courses! He’s awesome live… if you’re in Melbourne – these courses run once a month. Couples love it!
  • Basically, awesome stuff that you need to know when massaging your lover at home.


Go to your email account, find your confirmation email and accept it. We’ll then send you the download link. Enjoy!


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