couples massage

Simple, beautiful massage techniques
you can learn at home.

Press Play, Follow-Along
& Make Your Partner Melt.

It’s so easy you can start tonight.

Couples Massage Classes

so easy, start tonight

Your first massage is so easy it only takes 25-mins to learn.

Tonight you’ll both swap roles giving and receiving a massage, exploring each others body using long flowing strokes. It’s super chill with an emphasis on connection.

After your first massage the classes advance. We learn knots & deeper tissue techniques that make your partner melt; with noises like “mmm” and “ahh…”

But tonight, let’s make it playful!

Our videos include no nudity or awkward moments. Although you can spice up your massage as much as you like! A playful massage encourages exploration and connection.

Melt’s MasterClass Includes:
48 couples massage classes.

 separated into 3 courses:
Basic  |  Intermediate  |  Advanced



Start Tonight From $34.95

inside the

Melt’s MasterClass includes 3 courses:

  • Basic (relaxation strokes)
  • Intermediate (finding knots + comfortable release)
  • Advanced (deep tissue & thumbs)

Each course includes its own follow-along massage routine. You can mix and match techniques to create your own bespoke massage routine too.

first course
The Basics

Long flowing massage strokes that cover the neck, shoulders, back and arms. This is relaxing! You’ll also find connection and playtime here.

  • STEP 1: grab oil
  • STEP 2: bring your partner
  • STEP 3: copy what we do


The BASIC COURSE is designed to be completed in one evening, tonight.
You’ll both give and receive a massage.

Couples Massage Classes

Our videos are clean, no nudity or awkwardness. This hug you see is as intimate as we make it

Second Course
knots and tension

Mouth-watering, drool worthy muscle release.

We combine intimacy with releasing knots.

This course is to die for!

Includes: 14 classes
And ends: with a 15-minute follow-along massage routine

Take your time with these classes and really explore your partners body.

At the end of this massage course you’ll know your partner more intimately than before. We show you how to locate and release the most common knots in yor partner’s body – it’s exactly what Melt Massage for Couples is all about.

Do not rush these classes – you’ll find more value immersing yourself into each technique.

Tutorials are short; only 5-mins long. We take you to the fun stuff immediately.

Each class has it’s very own follow along sequence. And there’s lots of them to learn.

Couples Massage Classes

Couples who find the most value from this course stick with the one technique until they’re confident to move to the next.

A clever hack: practice the one technique for 5-mins before bed-time (repeat the same technique for one week). You’ll sleep better and by the end of the week you’ll be amazing at that technique.

This course includes (two) 15-minute massage routines to follow-along to.  With voice over, and one without (for the confident couple). Use our music, or mute and play your own for an even more personalised experience. 

Couples Massage Classes

We recommend practicing the 15-minute follow-along massage routine often.

It’s really good! Combining long flowing relaxation strokes with specific muscle knot release, (each time you’ll learn something new about your partner and what they enjoy).

Deep Tissue
Massage Course

The Epic – heavily focused on thumb techniques. Showing you how to massage deep without hurting your hands.

Includes: 19 Massage Classes

And ends with: a 30-min follow-along massage routine.

No need to think about this massage, simply press play and follow us. You’ll give your partner the most epic massage experience.

Your massage will flow with depth & pressure offering a therapeutic deep-tissue release alongside long warming strokes that envelop your partner making them feel safe, nurtured, loved and relaxed.

Couples Massage Classes

For the advanced couple. We show you how to massage using deep tissue techniques effectively and with proper technique.

Massage the way practitioners do it.

FULL DISCLOSURE: You do not need to complete the deep tissue course to be amazing at massage. By the time you make it to the deep tissue classes you’ll already be giving great back rubs.


  • 3 months subscription for couples who want to be playful. Fool around be cheeky, it’s fun!
  • 12 months | LIFETIME PACKAGE is for couples who want to explore their partner’s body and experience a deeper connection beyond the cheeky. With practice. as your hands get better you’ll start broadneing the connection within your relationship. It’s an exceptional journey for the couple that are willing to put in the time.

get to know your massage coach

Hi there, I’m Denis.

I’ll be your massage coach.

I’ve been teaching couples massage for 15 years, and I’m totally in love with my job.

Next to me is Emma – the gorgeous model that I demonstrate on. She loves massages too!!

My goal is to get you having as much fun as possible in the shortest amount of time.

I dedicate most of my time on developing the right communication to help you learn massage in the best possible way.

Melt as my artwork. It’s 100% original, developed specifically for couples. In fact, it was orginially developed to be used solely for my own relationship – to help connect and bond my partner and me. It allowed for us to explore each others body in a way thats both relaxing, comfortable and intimate.

Come join me inside Melt – your relationship will get so much out of this. It’s so good for you.

To Do list

Massage for Couples


Cold Pressed | Unscented | 16oz – 473ml

The best massages use oil.

Denis created this bottle specifically for Melt.
It’s the same oil he’s used for 23 years.

Your skin absorbs oil. Buy quality / keep it fresh


Oil Bottles Sold

Couples Massage Class


48 lessons | 3 Massage Routines

5 min | 15 min | 30 min

Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced

Follow-along to what our hands are doing. No need to think, copy us, be amazing!

Basic enough you’ll pick up the essentials immediately.


Couples Taught

Couples Massage Classes

make your
partner melt

For Better Health, Sleep, Energy & Stress Relief

& Date Night at Home



Valentine’s Day

For Initimacy / Connection

There are so many smart reasons why the two of you should get your hands on each other.

All our reviews are here – real couples, beautiful words said.

About Melt’s Massage for Couples

Melt’s Couples Massage Class is a carefully planned, strategically executed lesson structure.

Developed over 8 years in live workshops. Thousands of couples were taught, getting it right before filming our Massage Classes.

No practitioner has studied this many couples over such a long period of time, developing and testing the best combination of massage techniques for couples to enjoy at home. The result is a perfect series of massage techniques.

free massage resources

Instagram – @meltcouplesmassage

Short 1-minute massage tutorials.
Highly recommended.

YouTube – @denismerkas

Detailed massage concepts specific to couples.
Also Highly Recommended

Facebook @couplesmassagecourses

Short massage tutorials – similar to Instagram

Melt’s social media is great for quick snappy ideas and concepts. Denis’ YouTube channel will make you think a little more. The YouTube channel is designed specifically for people who own Melt’s Couples Massage Classes. He deep dives into concepts within Melt expanding on ideas and techniques.

This way the Melt Videos remain clear and focused on teaching you correct technique thats easy to understand and set up in progression making it fast for you to learn. Couples often use both Melt videos in conjunction with Denis’ YouTube videos to create their own style of massage.

We use intimacy to our advantage

intimacy separates your massages from everyone elses – it’s the one thing no one else in this world can give your partner. This alone is this reason we believe every relationship deserves a little massage in it… don’t you?

Special care was taken to film Melt – a classy representation of a couple massaging at home – no nudity or awkwardness. A slight hint of intimacy – suggestions to plant a thought, allow you to explore and see where your massage takes you.

Make it your expression

We created Melt to allow you to express yourself, tailoring your massage in your own way…

You can chose to explore a sensual massage, using our techniques as a guide and as you become confident allow your hands to wander and explore with your contouring techniques.

Or follow our routines to the letter – no need to think, just copy Denis’ hands, follow his rhythm and give your partner a deeply releasing and therapeutic massage that will have your partner making noises such as hmm and ahh!

Melt has been designed to include a vast amount of “professional” massage techniques to provide a therapeutic release for better sleep, reducing inflammation and stress and better health.

We highly recommend using Melt as a tool to serve your relationship, build connection, allow for more communication and of course… relaxation.