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G’Day Patty and Matt.

Welcome to a series of short video clips on how to use massage oil, and a business opportunity for Pure Romance.

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A Pure Romance Product.


Learn how to massage your lover!

[dropcap1]1[/dropcap1]We are producing a series of videos that will teach your customers how to use your massage oil products. When couples know how to massage, they do it more often and they do it for longer, increasing their use of product exponentially. They also get closer to their partner and report better sex lives… creating a greater need for your intimacy products.


Industry Leaders

[dropcap1]2[/dropcap1]No one else in the massage oil industry has developed how to massage videos yet. This is an opportunity for Pure Romance to be an industry leader. Not only will we be the first, we know we’ll be the best.


Original Content

[dropcap1]3[/dropcap1]My way of teaching is unlike any other massage therapist in the world. I’ve refined my courses to make it sexy without being cheesy, easy to learn and applicable at home. I’ve tested and practiced these techniques with 1,400+ couples over seven years, with this level of experience I’m confident that my what I teach is world class.



We have been teaching couples how to massage since 2006, teaching large groups through live courses. In the past 12 months alone, we’ve taught over 500 people how to massage, each year our courses are growing bigger and becoming increasingly popular. All of last year’s events were sold out.

It is time to put these techniques onto DVD to reach an even wider audience. Couples Massage Courses was not created to sell an idea to Pure Romance, but rather, now after seven years the opportunity to partner with a company such as Pure Romance has now presented itself. It makes sense to us to team up with a brand partner that will benefit from our product, and reach a wider audience.

The Preview Videos

*This series is not the final product. These videos will be filmed again according to our brand partner’s requirements.


Video #1 – Which Massage Oil Should I Buy?

BRANDING: Assuming we went ahead with a brand partnership, this video would be shot again, promoting Pure Romance oils as the massage oil that couples must use.

Imagine an introduction to the Pure Romance massage oil line as Denis’ favorite oil and the one he recommends – a fantastic, credible endorsement from an expert massage practitioner, who specializes in couples massage.





[pullquote4 quotes=”true” variation=”hotpink” align=”center” cite=”Research survey conducted on paying couples who attended our massage course”]Couples don’t know how to use massage oil. Most often, couples don’t massage for long because they’re not sure if they’re doing it right (78%). On top of that, 67% get sore hands and thumbs and half report getting bored quickly with giving a massage, lasting only a few minutes. [/pullquote4]




Video #2 – How to Apply Oil

An important video for couples to understand the correct way of applying and using oils.

Here, we are educating couples on how to apply oil in a sexy way. Teaching couples proper technique improves their massage, and ultimately a much sexier experience. By guiding couples to better technique they’ll develop even more trust in the Pure Romance brand.

The more we teach them, the more loyal they will become to your products.





[pullquote4 quotes=”true” variation=”hotpink” align=”center” cite=”Research survey conducted on paying couples who attended our massage course”]After completing our massage course, a unanimous 100% of participants agreed that they were more confident now when massaging their partner. 100% of participants also agreed that they massage each other more frequently since completing the course. The upshot? Massaging more frequently and for longer periods of time means they’ll be using more massage oil! [/pullquote4]




Live Courses

This interview took place only moments before teaching a sold out class at the luxurious Hotel Como in Melbourne, Australia.

Couples have lined up to learn how to massage with us. The course is fun and entertaining.

100% of couples said that the course improved their skills

58% of couples who came to the course said they did so to get closer to their partner

81% of couples said it improved their connection with their partner





[pullquote4 quotes=”true” variation=”hotpink” align=”center” cite=”Research survey conducted on paying couples who attended our massage course”]And it’s not just about massage. Our courses have more substantial benefits as well. 58% of couples came to the course because they wanted to get closer to their partner, and 81% say that they feel the course improved their connection with their partner. Not just that – half the couples who participated said the course actually helped improve their sex lives (we can only assume the other half already had it going on when it comes to bedroom antics!) [/pullquote4]



Creating an Pure Romance “Learn How To Massage Your Lover” DVD Boxset

Content, Partnership & Possibilities

The Content:

  • I have a system of teaching couples how to massage. No one else in the world teaches the way I do.
  • My work is original, the strokes and massage routines have been 100% written by me.
  • My system works! I teach many hundreds of couples how to massage each year. My techniques, sequences and routines have been tried and tested, refined and improved in real life well before they have been put into video.
  • I have been teaching couples since 2006, you won’t find anyone with more couples massage training experience than me.
  • The courses are fun, easy to learn and practical. I do away with technical names (such as effleurage and petrissage) because couples are not learning how to become professional massage therapists. Instead I use names like golf balls and train tracks… these are names that people can relate to, and that people remember easily.
  • My courses have been made to learn at home. It’s intimate, loving and quite sexy. I don’t teach on a massage table (couples don’t own massage tables), nor do I teach on the bed (the bed is uncomfortable)

Why a brand partnership?

  • We are looking for a distribution partner to share the profits, a company with already-established distribution channels and an audience that is already receptive to massage.
  • The theory is simple; we’ll make more money by sharing profits with a partner that can instantly reach a wider audience than we would if we went at it alone. Similarly, our chosen brand partner will benefit from the years of niche couples massage coaching experience and development. Pure Romance receives a highly credible massage therapist with years of experience, a massage therapist with authority and with a trusted brand, someone who is comfortable in front of a camera and presenting to large audiences.

What Pure Romance stands to gain from this joint venture

  • Pure Romance branded couples massage instructional DVDs. None of your competitors are doing this. You’ll be the first and the best.
  • Increased revenue: You’ll create a new product for an established and receptive audience.
  • Increased sales of your existing products. Educate buyers how to use your oils and they will use them more often and use more of them because they’ll be massaging longer than just five minutes. The increased trust in the Pure Romance brand will filter throughout your entire range.
  • Publicity – huge potential
  • The media love us. Our courses have been featured on TV, radio, national magazines and major metro newspapers. We have great PR angles for these campaigns.
  • Potential celebrity endorsements
  • Tradeshows, live courses, demonstrations
  • Exclusive competitions to drive sales

We’ve made it easy:

  • We will shoot the DVDs in LA, not Australia. A simple flight over from Ohio means that you’ll be able to come on set of the production and have some creative control
  • We will work with you on the branding, covering details from music to product shots, logos and title pages and ensuring your brand’s key messages are delivered

Reducing your risk:

Branded Production:

A budget has been set for the production of these videos, this was covered in the proposal sent out to you 12 months ago. By sharing the costs I have been able to reduce the production costs for Pure Romance significantly. A branded production will require contribution to the production costs. If Pure Romance chose to join us as a brand partner the content will not be licensed to another company – for the period of the license this would be an exclusive product of Pure Romance and Couples Massage Courses. The budget is included in the proposal, detailing how much the production will cost and the contribution required by the brand partner.

Questions and Answers

I know this is a lot of information to process and time is needed to digest such a proposal. I’m sure you have many questions, and please write them down. You can email them to me at [email protected]. Some topics for discussion are listed below:

  • Brand requirements
  • Production costs
  • Projected units sold
  • Unit prices / Sales
  • Promotion, PR and Media

Together we can drive this product so much further than what we’d do on our own. I’d be really interested at this point to hear your feedback on the concept. I’ve been planning these DVDs for a very long time and I’m so excited to see how successful we can make it.

Warm Regards,

Denis Merkas – [email protected]

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