$1000 Christmas

Entries Close Dec 26 (PST)

Record 10 seconds of video, massaging your partner using one of Melt’s massage techniques and enter a draw to win $1000.

It doesn’t matter which technique you choose, or even how good (or bad) your massage is…

Inspiring couples to get their hands on each other.

The hardest part of anything new is getting started. This Christmas we want you to get your hands on each other – your relationship will love you for it.

Show us 10 seconds of you massaging your partner and you can win:

  • $1000 cash (in USD)
  • Any country can enter (usd will be converted to your currency)
  • Deposit made to your nominated bank account
  • Verified Melt’ers Only (you must have an active Melt MasterClass Membership / Subscription)
  • Entries Close December 26th, 2021 PST

Competition rules

competition starts Friday 3rd December

Very Important:

  • You must be a Melt’er (and have an active subscription / membership)
  • Video submissions must be clearly viewable;
    • Minimum 10 seconds
    • Your video should not be dark or pixelated
    • We must see you as a couple sitting in the Melt Set Up (See example in the video above.)
    • Use any technique inside Melt’s MasterClass (your technique does not need to be perfect, as long as you’re having fun)
    • Close ups of just hands will not be accepted
  • No nudity – please keep it PG (towels are helpful to cover up)
  • Video Submission and Permissions
    • Uploaded videos may only include you and your partner.
    • By submitting your video you acknowledge and agree that you obtained  any and all releases and/or consents necessary to permit the display, exhibition, edit and other use of the content on Melt’s website and social media channels royalty free.

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how to enter

Competition ends Sunday 26th December

  1. Choose a Melt Massage Technique, and copy what we do.
    • Perfection is not important, we want to see you massaging each other.
    • The winner is chosen by random, not by ability.
  2. Film minimum 10 seconds of massage time with your partner using your phone (no more than 30 seconds)
  3. Submit your video
    • You can only submit a YouTube, Vimeo or Instagram video using the form above.
    • Make sure you set your video to be viewable (if we cannot see yor video the entry will be invalidated)
  4. You must have an active Melt Membership
    • Competiton is open to ALL Melt’ers with an active subscription or lifetime membership
  5. Entries must be sumitted using the form above
    • Use the same email address as typed in your Melt Account (we need to verify you’re a Melt’er)
    • If we cannot match the winner with an “active Melt subscription / membership,” that person will be invalidated and a new winner will be chosen.
  6. Using Instagram, add the hash tag #meltcouplesmassage. Entries must still be submitted through the form above.
    • Copy and paste the url of your instagram post into the form above.

I don’t have a YouTube, Vimeo or Instagram Account?

Create one, it’s easy to do, and free. This is a $1000 cash prize (it’ll take less than 5 mins to set up an account.)

  • It takes less than 5-mins to create an account
  • YouTube and Instagram is free
  • Vimeo (is free for 30 days)
  • This is the only way we can allow for video submissions.
  • It’s okay to delete your video (and even the video account) after the giveaway is complete and a winner is drawn

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