Massaging the chest / breasts and naughty bits

  • The chest is an intimate area on both men and women. It’s an area I highly recommend all couples explore but take your time when working here. The chest is easily guarded, not often touched by others and requires delicate hands for a sexy experience.
  • When massaging the chest take your time to slowly progress down, it doesn’t matter if you’re massaging a man or woman, don’t rush into it, tease your partner. The one full massage stroke is too much and will take the pleasure out of the experience – my secret is to tease!
  • After massaging your partners shoulders, work your way down the middle of your partner’s chest but only a third of the way down. Now pause and slowly drag your hands back up the middle of the chest. Brush along the bottom of the collar bone and out to the top of the arms.
  • At this point you can repeat the stroke another 2 more times before you retreat to massage the shoulder + arms.
  • After a minute or so, repeat the process above but this time work down the middle of the chest a little bit further – about two thirds of the way down. The next time around you will go all the way down to just below the breasts. When your hands return moving up the chest you can flare out a little so that your hands curve around the breasts to finish at the top of the arms.
  • It’s all in the tease, and it’s so much fun! As for naughty bits – you won’t find my courses teaching couples how to massage the genitals, there is a time where a massage can easily turn into foreplay and this I’ll leave up to your imagination.

How to make your room sexy

4 essential things you need to do to make your space sexy

  • Clean the room – yes it sounds boring but it’s vital to create a sexy environment. Make sure all clutter is removed and the floor space where you’re massaging is clean.
  • Dim the lights or replace lights with candles – you’ll both be exposing skin, and it’s far sexier to have a dim lit environment than harsh lights.
  • Music – play something your partner can relax to. If you have nothing relaxing you should use their favourite music. Everyone has some sort of soft tunes that they enjoy.
  • Aroma – scented oils or candles can easily add flavour to a room. I like to use vanilla candles to add a sweet taste in the air. Find an aroma that you like and use it!

Sexy Positioning

4 essential things you need to do to make your space sexy

  • There are many books and DVDs that teach couples how to massage, but they all have the one inherit flaw! They teach couples how to massage the same way a massage therapist would – at arm’s length. Many teach how to massage on a table even though most couples don’t own a massage table, and the kitchen bench isn’t sexy at all. Even lying on the ground isn’t the best solution, your partner has their head turned to the side shutting down all the wonderful muscles of the neck that feel so good when massaged, and you have no access to the front side of your partner’s body.
  • For a sexy massage, you want your partner positioned close to you, up close to your chest to they can feel your breath as you’re massaging. You want them to be able to feel your heart beat and lean back into you when they begin to relax. There is much more body contact, no just your hands. It’s far sexier and much more intimate.

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Here’s how I do it:

  • Sit your partner on the floor, legs crossed and seated upright
  • You should straddle behind them, kneeling with your legs wide open so that your partner fits between your legs.
  • Place plenty of pillows under your butt; this will stop your lower back from becoming tired and sore. Make sure you’re kneeling on a soft surface such as carpet.
  • In this position you have full access to your partner’s neck, shoulders, arms, head, back and even lower back. Best of all you also have access to your partner’s front and they can reciprocate by leaning back into you or placing their hands on their thighs.
  • When your partner begins to lean back into you they’ll shut down the access to their back, this isn’t a problem. You can still focus on their arms, neck, head and chest. And when you want to move to massage their back, you gently push them to lean forward again. Your partner won’t lean back into you when you’re massaging their back, they’ll want the feeling to continue.

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