EXPERT LEVEL neck massage guide

My massage teacher said once “the day you’ve met someone who says they know it all, is the day you’ve met a fool!” 

This video slows down one of the easiest massage techniques you’ll learn so you can see exactly what each finger does. As well as weight distribution and focus areas. It’s a great way to get technical, specific and deliberate with your massage strokes. 

This video is a great contrast to the previous “easy” neck massage video I created 4 weeks ago.

A BIG Name For A Muscle That Has A BIG Job To Do!

You need to remember the name of this muscle, but it sure does help to know:

  • What this muscle does
  • Where it attaches to
  • Where it feels amazing to be massaged

The better you understand a muscle group, the easier it is for you to know how to relax that muscle. This is a simple guide to a very important muscle, explained in a way that you’ll understand. It’s also a great place to start as most muscle function in the same way. Get the hang of this one, and you’ll be able to pick up the others real fast!