you’re in!

PlayTime Starts Feb 14!

Next Step: Whitelist Melt’s email address so you receive PlayTime classes.

  • Do not miss check-in notifications
  • To be eligible to win you must complete 100% check-ins
  • Email is the method of delivery and it’s here where I keep you accountable

Your first email has been sent – check your spam folder. Add to your whitelist.

When Do We Start?

Feb 14 – your first check-in

I’ll email you before we start. A massage class will be sent to you ready for Valentine’s Day as a welcome, including your registration check-in.

  • Friday following Valentines: Feb 17th class begins (this is week 1)
  • Monday: Feb 20 check-in for week 1 opens

We’ll repeat this each Friday / Monday for 4 weeks. A new massage class each week and a new check-in.

What do I need?

Massage oil, you can buy that here.


Do I have to Massage on Fridays?

  • No. Classes are delivered to you 9.15am Fridays Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles Time)
  • Massage anytime you want – just do it before the next Friday class begins.
  • Check-in closes the night before, on Thursday

Do I need to check in on Mondays?

  • No. Check in closes on Thursday, a new class is released on Friday.
  • To be eligible to win a prize, you must complete ALL check-ins.
  • Once check-in closes you will not have access

What are the Prizes?

  • 3 x $200 cash prizes for LifeTime Members
  • 1 x upgrade for subscriber (value $599)

Can I upgrade to LifeTime membership?

  • Yes. And you can use up to 12-months of subscription payments as credit

Next Step

Add to your email’s whitelist. Do this now.

If you’re unsure how to do this, ask google. For example, if you’re using gmail – google “how to whitelist an email address in gmail”

Whitelist means you’re telling your email client to not block any emails from