• MELT: Massage For Couples

    CUSTOMER REVIEW: Melt: Massage for Couples has certainly been a great find for my husband and myself! I would never have known how to build a massage in the way that Denis and Emma demonstrate, and I really appreciate the fact that Melt is kept clean, sophisticated and romantic.

    Karen & John: NSW, Australia

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Perfect for a fun date night or a cheeky weekend getaway




Simple massage techniques that will make your partner fall in love with your hands. Buy now for instant lifetime access to all our couples massage videos, available across all your devices.

3 Massage Routines / 17 Massage Techniques

Simple instructions for a beautiful massage. Make your partner fall in love with your hands!

Here’s What You Get

3 incredible massage routines to follow along to / 17 amazing massage techniques

SNEAK PREVIEW – What You Learn in the Following 3 Series

2:15 – What to expect in this series (we won’t lie, it’s pretty good!)

Basic Series: The Date Night Experience

Perfect for the couple who want to play with a few massage strokes. 20 minutes to learn how to massage the back, neck and shoulders – then swap over. Finishes with a gentle, flowing massage sequence.

SERIES 1: Basic Massage Course (20 minutes to learn)

This is perfect for a romantic date night at home. You don’t need to commit for a whole night of massage. It’s so simple that in 20 minutes you’ll be giving your partner their very first massage routine: a nice back, neck and shoulder massage. Afterwards, swap over and have your turn getting a massage. This makes for a pampering, relaxed date night loaded with romance.

0:53 – The most important strokes I’ll ever teach you. For real.

6:13 The Basic Massage Routine – Stitching the basic techniques together to create your first short, but totally brilliant massage routine. Denis will talk you through each massage stroke, keeping you on track and making sure it’s sensational.

Highlights Series: The Romance Experience

This session is all about intimacy and romance. It’s right here where the magic happens.
By the end, this 15-minute massage routine will have your partner weak at the knees and begging for more.

SERIES 2: Learning Highlights (35 minutes to learn)

Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s add some highlights to your massage… highlights are the secrets massage therapists use that creates amazing muscle tension release. It’s actually pretty easy – we all hurt in the same places! So let’s learn how to rub them right. This is where we really start to make you drool.

Session 1: Highlights – Making Your Partner Drool

1:26 – Knowing where to put your hands gets you halfway there. Knowing what to do with your hands once you’re there is what makes your partner melt.

Session 10: Massage Routine (15 minutes)
(includes commentary)

14:50 Make your partner drool with a massage they’ll love! Denis talks you through each stroke and gives you tips on how to make this massage better then ever. Highly recommended when you’re first starting out with this routine. 

Advanced Series: The Perfect Massage

The following techniques will show you how to give your partner a massage they’ll never forget. Combining elements from the Basic and Highlights series with deep tissue techniques, the 30-minute routine at the end will make your sweetie melt.

SERIES 3: Thumbs + Kneading (The Deep Tissue Stuff – 17 minutes to learn)

These deep tissue techniques are for the enthusiastic couple that have already aced their way through all the previous techniques. If you want to take your massage to the next level, this is it. Here, we introduce massage techniques using thumbs (aka your secret weapon) and also some deep kneading techniques. Both are an integral part of any advanced massage routine.

Session 1: Why Thumbs Just Now?

1:45 – The reason we save thumbs for the end. And why massage is a slow build.

Session 2: Ski Jump – Thumbs
Session 3: Money Shot – Thumbs
Session 4: The Spine and Train Tracks – Thumbs
Session 5: Bloody Hurts – Thumbs
Session 6: Golf Balls – Kneading
Session 8: Upper Arms – Kneading
Session 9: Before you Begin the 30min Routine

Session 10: Massage Routine (30 minutes)
(includes commentary)

30:45 An epic massage routine that will make your partner fall in love with your hands. Denis talks you through this routine, detailing what he’s doing with his hands to help you give your partner a massage unlike they’re ever had before. After this massage, they’ll never look at you the same again.

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