Breast & Chest Massage

WARNING: This massage is an experience you have never had before. It’s a must do for every relationship and here’s why:

Outside of the bedroom, our chest is almost never touched. We guard this area with our shoulders.

For those of us who are sad

And dealing with trauma, we’ll shrug our shoulders down; protecting ourselves from further hurt the world throws at us. You probably already know or have seen people like this.

This massage can release deep emotions, freeing up tension and opening the chest to build up confidence and let go of the things that you’re holding onto.

For the gym junkie

This is a must. Breaking up adhesions and knots caused by vigorous chest flys and cable crossovers.

And for the sensual lovers

You will find excitement and a playful tease moving between sweeping massage strokes that float across the top of the chest and plunge down deep weaving your hands through the middle of the chest and around breasts.

Exposed & Clothed

We pride ourselves on keeping your account clean and PG.

Clothing “optional”

Your account comes standard with chest massage classes where our models wear strapless tops for easy viewing.

You will learn how to massage the muscles of the chest using rhythm and flow and with accents on muscle tension held in the chest.

We position you in multiple ways to help you connect and bond making this massage perfectly intimate and close. And we show you how to massage deep creating a phenomenal release that your partner will be talking about days later.

FREE upgrade to exposed breasts

Also included is an upgrade to exposed breast massage classes, this comes at no additional cost but requires a special opt-in to view these classes.

Breast massage is highly beneficial, not only for play in your relationship but also for its therapeutic properties.

Our classes are filmed tastefully with the focus on therapeutic massage, but at home there are no rules and you can make it sensual. We’ll show you how to massage the muscles of the chest (with breasts exposed) and you can figure out the sensual part on your own.

This ensures our classes remain classy for easy viewing allowing you to create your own playful massage the way you like it.

How Access This Course

The chest / breast massage course is found in the following packages:

Both the packages unlock ALL our classes and gets you access to everything we teach.