Upper Traps

90 Second : Short Class

DIFFICULTY: Easy > Moderate

Don’t Pinch, Squeeze!

Shoulders always hold tension, this trap squeeze feels insanely good if you’re stressed and under pressure.

The hardest part of this technique is the rotation at the end of the stroke.



Don’t pinch, its barbaric. A squeeze is much more sophisticated and elegant. Both acheive the same result and will release tension in the shoulders.

Golf Balls

  • Why are they called golf balls

    Melt uses word association to help you identify knots

    • Visualise a golf ball buried deep in your shoulders
    • Some people have two (these are usually pebbles)
    • Your golf ball might be a band of tension

    Visualising the location and exploring the edges of the knot makes it so much easier to release it.

  • Does everybody have golf balls?

    Almost everybody has a golf balls.

    • Sometimes they’re hidden in deeper tissues
    • A healthy body will have golf balls bilaterally
    • If injured / complication, one golf ball will be bigger than the other
    • The texture of a knot varies
  • Do They Go Away?

    Golf Balls (healthy knots) can be reduced but typically will not go away.

    • Knots that are injury related can go away / be massaged out
    • Golf balls that are related to stress will tense up according to stress levels and can be reduced.


The MasterClass has 7 tutorials to help you locate, massage and release the golf balls. To learn more visit the MasterClass links below

Golf Balls Classes

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Go To My Account > MasterClass > Deep Tissue: session 6.1 to 6.3: Advanced Golf Ball Techniques

Upgraded Classes

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