Jaw Pain

90 Second : Short Class

Text your partner right now, with:

“babe, I need 5-minutes of uninterrupted time tonight. We’re doing something fun. You in?”

I do this massage all the time, especially for headaches caused by grinding and jaw clenching.

Everybody hurts here!  The release feels nice. Try it when winding down before sleep.

  • Lead by giving the first massage.
  • Swap roles, ask them to copy you.
  • Discuss; share thoughts.
    • Tell your partner what you enjoyed most.
    • What you think would work better
    • Sometimes a slight change of seated position for comfort helps
  • Swap roles again one more time.

MasterClass Cheat Sheet

The MasterClass requires thought, effort and practice, but it’s worth it! It’s here where you make your partner melt.

  • Ambience

    • A clean space matters. A tidy environment is more relaxing.
    • Vacuum the floor, you’ll be massaging on it
    • Dim lights is intimate, candles are good
    • A warm room is important
    • Create a sanctuary that’s inviting
  • Comfort

    • Practice where you sit first
    • Explore how to be comfortable before following a massage routine.
    • The moment you  (or your partner feels uncomfortable) the massage ends
    • A foot-stool and yoga mat makes it easier to sit the way we do
  • Tools Needed

    Have everything ready before you start massaging. The best massages flow (don’t get interrupted).

    • Massage Oil – buy Melt’s Massage Oil here
      • Oil makes your massages better.
      • It’s a must
    • Foot Stool – buy foot-stools here
      • These are manufactured for Melt
      • You can find alternatives on this page
    • Hand Towel To Remove Oil
    • Extra Towel To Cover Up
    • Laptop, TV or iPad To Follow The Classes
  • Sensuality / Intimacy

    • Make your first massage playful / sensual
    • Focus on connection in the beginning, technique will get better in time.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: the connection is more intense the better your technique.
      • This is the positive loop:
      • Connection > inspires better technique > increases connection > the loop continues

    We keep our videos clean

    With only a hint of intimacy implied. At home you can make it as intimate as you like.