Giving a massage dry (without oil) will make the amateur look ridiculous! Even professional practitioners find it hard to massage without oil.

I prove this in a foot massage given dry – watch that here.

Do what the professionals do

Grab yourself a bottle of good quality cold pressed sweet almond oil – it’s what the majority of professional massage practitioner’s use. And it helps:

  • Make your hands feel more confident
  • You’ll be able to flow and find rhythm faster and easier
  • It’ll be easier to massage through knots and areas of tension
  • You’ll save your hands from hurting

Massage oil enhances the experience and helps establish a better connection between you and your partner. It’s so very important!

Where to find good quality Almond Oil

Melt has its own oil bottle. It’s HUGE! We’re not kidding… 16 ounces of oil, that’s almost half a litre – that’s more than enough oil to outlast even the most enthusiastic couples who massage each other every week!

100% pure sweet almond oil – cold pressed to keep the nutrients in the oil. After all, this is going on your skin – you want to make sure it’s the best! Paraben and Hexane free, no additives or preservatives. For

United States