It may be Valentine’s Day, but red roses and restaurant reservations are NOT mandatory. And romance needn’t be expensive.

Thoughtfulness beats all when it comes to romance. Doing something you know your sweetheart will adore is a thousand times better than racking up the credit card bill for overpriced flowers on one day when everyone else is buying them too.

As Paul Oyer puts it so beautifully in his article How to Be a Better Valentine, Through Economics

“Start by asking yourself, “What do I want my partner to think upon receiving my Valentine’s present?”

Suppose you buy your significant other a dozen red roses or a box of chocolates. She is likely to think, “All right, he cares about me enough to buy the obvious present.” Sixty-four percent of men buy flowers on Valentine’s Day, so giving flowers signals that you are like two-thirds of men. This is roughly the equivalent of writing “hb” on your mate’s Facebook wall on her birthday: it shows that you remember, and that you are willing to spend approximately seven seconds conveying that fact.

So how do you say “Honey, I really care about you, and you are very special to me”? Put your resources where your mouth is. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but to credibly signal you really care, do something personal.”

Stay home, stay away from the crowds, spend some time together alone.

But whatever you do – acknowledge the day. It’s important you show your partner that you are thinking of them and that you appreciate them.

And then do it again every other day of the year as well.

Here is my Complete Guide to help give you some inspiration!

Chapter 1: Thoughtful, Non-Commercialized Gifts
Chapter 2: Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Restaurants
Chapter 3: Romantic Recipes
Chapter 4: Thrill Him
Chapter 5: Captivate Her

Chapter 1: Thoughtful, Non-Commercialized Valentine Gifts

Paying three times the price for red roses one day out of the year rubs me up the wrong way (that’s a little massage pun for you).

Some of these DIY options show you care, just because you put in a little bit of extra effort.

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Chapter 2: Date Ideas that Don’t Involve Restaurants

Like New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day is what we can commonly to refer to as “amateur night” – there’s something slightly uncomfortable and forced about sitting in a sea of tables-for-two on a set menu on Valentine’s night. Stay away from the crowds and do something at home or something completely different.

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Chapter 3: Romantic Recipes

Whether it’s a breakfast in bed or a three-course dinner at home, you’d be remiss to not make something utterly romantic and special for Valentine’s Day. We’ve rounded up some amazing recipes. If it’s dinner, make the effort to light some candles and dress up for the occasion. If you’re baking treats, package them in a beautiful tin and gift wrap them. Breakfast in bed? Serve alongside piping hot coffee, fresh OJ and pop a single flower on the tray too.

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Romantic Breakfasts
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Chapter 4: Thrill Him

Men. I find them really hard to buy for, especially if we try and overlay our own version of romance onto what we think they want.

Here’s a secret: If a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then a bouquet of bacon “roses” or a Man Sandwich will surely make him fall even more in love with you. I can practically guarantee it!

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Chapter 5: Captivate Her

Women love romance. This doesn’t always mean over-the-top gestures. There are some things that will always go down very well – Lingerie, flowers (she’ll be more flattered if you pick her favorite flower rather than just standard roses… what did she have in her bridal bouquet? What was the first bouquet you ever bought her?), perfume, shoes… or just a deep, loving kiss (especially if her Love Language is Physical Touch)

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This is an evolving, crowd-sourced book. If you have a resource or chapter idea you’d like to see added, just Tweet or Facebook us and reference the “Valentine’s Day Guide” to make a suggestion. If you like the article, please remember to share it on social media!

Sharing a massage is the perfect romantic gift for your partner!


  • Valentine’s Day!
  • Birthday’s
  • Anniversaries
  • To say sorry
  • to say I love you | I appreciate you | I adore you!

Picture it: a romantic night in for two, candles, a little wine, a little massage…

Gift your partner a lifetime membership to our Melt: Massage for Couples video series and watch them light up. Kick it off for them by actually treating them to a decadent massage on February 14th and they’ll melt beneath your hands.

We’ve made it extra easy for you with our downloadable IOU back rub cards and free printables.


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Step 1

Adorable Punny Massage Clues

Download these cute, punny massage printables for free. We like to have them printed and laminated, then cut them out and tuck them around the house – inside shoes, under pillows, on the bathroom mirror – as clues that something special is coming later.


Download Printables - Click Here



Step 2

Wrap Up Some Massage Oil

To make this gift really special, we’ve created our very own massage oil that you can wrap up alongside it.

Our massage oil is the legit, professional grade 100% Sweet Almond oil – nothing extra added to it. No preservatives, no additives no other oils to dilute the quality of Almond Oil. This is Denis’ oil of choice.

It’s non greasy, easy to apply and is progressively absorbed into the skin making it an incredible carrier oil that nourishes your partners skin as you massage them!

Massage oil is a natural choice – you’re going to be needing it anyway to get started on your massaging together! If you already have oils at home – then you’re good to go. If not – below are some resources for you.

What we like about carrier oils / base oils is that they’re made from the one product, for example: Almond Oil, Apricot or Grapeseed Oil. If you’re allergic to Almonds use Apricot or Grapeseed.

Oil blends will include a number of different oils and will usually come with a scent too. Be careful that neither you nor your partner have sensitive skin that will react with blended essential oils, or any aversion at all to certain essential oils (some aren’t suitable for pregnancy, for example). Do your research first.

This is Melt’s Oil – You can find it on Amazon.


Its on Amazon, there’s the 16oz Sweet Almond Oil + bonus travel bottle our very own high grade professional massage oil. We created a HUGE 16oz bottle to give you value and added a bonus 4oz (empty) bottle to give you flexibility for when you’re traveling and getting a little cheeky with your back rubs. AND, it’s just easier to massage with a smaller bottle than a huge 16oz mammoth thing!


Step 3

Get a lifetime membership to Melt: Massage for Couples

Finally, get a lifetime membership for yourself and your partner to our Melt: Massage for Couples video series. We’ll teach you all the secrets of an amazing massage with our signature massage techniques and sequences. Make this your special occasion unforgettable as a unique way to connect, be more playful and show that you care.

When you buy Melt, you’ll have it forever and you can watch it, use it and massage each other as many times as you like.

Learn in the comfort of your own living room. It makes a great stay home date night for two and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. By the end, you’ll be able to give your partner a delicious 30-minute back rub… and they’ll know how to rub you right, too!