the Making of A
15 Minute Massage Routine

A massage routine should be easy enough for you to follow.
Yet elegant enough to make your partner melt!

It’s not just a back rub

Let’s go behind the scenes to see how we construct a massage that makes your hands feel better than what they actually are.


The 15-minute massage is part of the Highlight Course (comes direct after the Basic Course).

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Effortless + Elegant

  • 8 years before filming

    • 2006: The first version of Melt was created
    • 2014: Melt was filmed in Los Angeles
    • It’s almost 20 years old.

    We made sure it worked face-to-face before it was filmed

    • 2006 > 2014 thousands of couples were taught (in live workshops)
    • Every technique tested on real couples to see their reaction
    • What didn’t work was removed

    Only the very best techniques were filmed and included in the MasterClass.

    Designed to help you learn fast and with ease

    • The course structure
    • Duration
    • Communication
    • And the names of the techniques are designed to help you learn massage at home as fast as possible.

    This routine is designed to make your massage feel effortless

    • It’s simple, yet elegant
    • Easy to copy
    • Easy to remember

    • Deep tissue on two muscle groups only (easy to remember)
    • Follows music (guiding you with rhythm)
    • Give you space to be creative and unique – each time you give this routine it feels different to both you and your partner

    • No thumbs included in this routine (but you can add them)
    • This saves our hands from hurting!

    Thumbs are easy and a natural go to move for most couples.

    Use them as your A-game. Include them when you want to impress your partner and truely make them melt. This routine was designed to guide you through a massage where you can choose when to include thumbs.

    With lots of open space and repetitive movements within the routine, add thumbs to your favourite knots and then re-join the routine when you’re ready and need to give your thumbs a break.

    It’s very clever and teaches you how to improvise through a massage.

Next Step

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Highlights Massage Course

Sift through the techniques, there’s 16 of them. Find the muscle groups and knots that appeal to you most and learn how to locate them.

It’s a special course that will elevate your massage game and refine your hands.

You’ll find several massage techniques that will help make you smile.