be like her

90 Second : Short Class

Want more massages from your partner? Do this!

  • Become their biggest fan
  • Give them positive feedback

This video clearly demonstrates how to tell your partner that they’re doing a good job.


Encouragement and gratitude is what influences us to do more. Give us positive feedback and we’ll be inspired to give you more:

  • We’ll learn more
  • Explore more
  • Share more of us with you

How You React Matters

In the beginning we need to know we’re doing a good job. How you react to our massage matters.

  • Be Vocal

    In the beginning this is especially important. Use your voice it’ll make a major impact.

    • Make it genuine
    • Make it relevant to the massage stroke
    • Copy what she does in the video

    Watch how vocal she is in the video – that feedback is alluring and confidence provoking. It makes you want to be involved in the massage.

  • Reciprocate Touch

    Use your hand and touch your partner back. Humans are really good at picking up on touch

    Do this when your partner massages the right spot:

    • Brush up against their arm
    • Place you hand on their leg
    • Make it feel natural

    It’s a beautiful way of non-verbal communication. You don’t need to do much; a reassuring touch that we’re doing a good job is enough.

  • Nuzzle And Lean

    For the experienced couple / long term relationships. You can make your signals more artful and use body language to nuzzle and lean into your partner.

    • This is subtle
    • Try this if you’re in-tune with each other
    • Do this when you’re confident with your massage

Humans Need Encouragment

  • We’re good at picking up patterns

    We don’t need much to know that we’re doing a good job, but in the beginning help guide us by:

    • Being present and playful (don’t fall asleep – not just yet)
    • Interact with us (be vocal)
    • Show gratitude (touch us when you like our massage)

    Do this and we will massage you more. We’ll spend more time listening to the things you like and learning how to give you better massages that hit the right spot.

Next Step

The most important massage stroke I’ll ever teach you

The Basic Massage Stroke

This one stroke is the foundation of your massage, it literally makes everything better! Become and expert at this stroke and everything else will fall into place.

Go find this massage stroke and watch it – click here to visit your account.

It’s inside the Basic Course – it’s the first technique I teach you after applying oil.