Make Your Massage Sexy

[quote]Making your massage sexy is easy with Learning Highlights.

It’ll help you make your massage more intimate, get you closer to your partner –physically and emotionally. This course is where you begin to make your partner hum with ooh’s and ahh’s as you work through areas of stress and tension. It’s such an amazing feeling.

Learning highlights has 4x more information than the Basic Massage Module and only priced at $27.



  • A night you’ll never forget! – Remember that hot little scene from the movie Ghost? You know where Demi Moore is playing with clay and Patrick Swayze sits behind her – things heat up, it becomes very sexy very quickly – and one thing leads to another… You can make this happen in your relationship using massage.
  • Turn your partner on – In this module, you’ll learn where to find areas of tension in your partner’s body and how to release this tension to make your partner ooh, ahh and mmm! As your technique improves, your partner will begin to hum more and more.
  • Massage Like a Superstar! – every good massage will have highlights in it. A highlight is where you slow your massage down, increase the pressure and release tension. It feels oh so good… the anticipation, and the release! Wow!
  • Get amazing Massages from your Partner – Best of all is that your partner is learning with you. They are practicing the same techniques with you, making their massage better each time.


What is a highlight?

Highlights make your massage HOT… real hot!

No massage is complete without highlights. ALL massage therapists do it, otherwise you’d simply be pushing oil over another persons body.

Highlights add color to a massage, they change the depth and pressure of a massage and also slow down the pace. Combining this with the flowing techniques learnt in the Basic Course you can create a massage sequence that is simply stunning. A massage sequence that will create anticipation and excitement, providing huge releases in muscular stress which will make your partner melt. It’ll be unlike any other experience you’ve given your partner before!

Best of all, you’re in the privacy of your own home…

What You’ll Learn

Back, Neck, Shoulders

The Learning Highlights course has been developed to fit into the massage techniques taught in the basic massage course. You’ll cover the back, neck and shoulders using the long sweep strokes while adding in highlights along the way. Stimulating muscles by slowing down and going deeper through areas of tension. It’ll feel amazing to your partner and make massage much more interesting to you.

20 Minute Massage

At the end of this course you’ll be given this HUGE massage routine to try out on your partner. It boasts over 20 minutes of warm relaxation massage strokes, dotted with amazing highlights that’ll send goose bumps all over your partner’s body.



What you Need to Start


Massage Oil

Before you start you’ll need to pick up some Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil (if you’re allergic to nuts, Grapeseed Oil is a good alternative). You can buy these oils cheaply from your local health food store, or Amazon sells Sweet Almond Oil – click here


Please consult your doctor if you are unsure whether you’ll have an allergic reaction to any of these oils. There are many types of oils that you can use – Sweet Almond and Grapeseed Oil are the most commonly used amongst massage practitioners.[/one_half_last]

As Seen on TV

[quote] This video is a snap shot of the Make Your Partner Melt – Couples Massage Seminar presented by Denis Merkas.

Denis runs the Couples Massage Seminars in Melbourne, Australia on a monthly basis. The seminar runs for 3 hours and cost $350 per couple, $650+ if couples choose to stay the night in the Hotel. [/quote]




This course has 4x more content than the Basic Massage Course, the techniques are far more advanced – teaching you exactly where you need to massage to produce spine tingling results. Couples pay huge sums of $$$ to learn Denis’ massage techniques through his seminars – download now and you can get his information straight to your computer, pay only $27 and in 5 minutes start learning Denis’ techniques in 5 minutes time and pay only $27.

Buy Now

Click the download button, pay the $27.00 and in 5 minutes your be reading Denis’ techniques on how to make give your partner the best massage you’ve ever given them!

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Get ALL 3 Courses for only $47.00!

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