Unfair Advantage

90 Second : Short Class

We said no sex… that was the rules.

Before the massage even started, someone broke the rules. This is your unfair advantage – you can make your massage as intimate as you like!



Be Playful and Cheeky

Increase desire, build anticipation, and play with your partner. Delay gratification, let your partner work for it, and let them yearn for it.

When you find yourself here, spend time playing with it see where it goes.

I film all my massages (it helps me learn). This is an unscripted / improvised massage that was meant to challenge the theory of why I hate massaging on the bed.

How Do I Start?

Not sure how to start the MasterClass? Follow this guide:

  • Set A Date

    I know this seems lame and takes the fun out of massage, but do it anyways – trust me on this.

    • Set a date and time (ask your partner to agree – save the date)
    • Gather oil, towels, iPad (to watch Melt on), and any other tools needed in the middle of the room earlier that day
    • Stay accountable, otherwise it’s easy to skip it.
  • agree on intentions

    Agree on why you’re sharing a massage today, I know it sounds odd but again trust me here – I’ve been doing this a long time, you’re in safe hands.

    Share what’s in your head with your partner, open up so they understand your needs. And more importantly, listen to their needs. Do you want this massage to be:

    • For learning and exploration?
    • To connect and bond?
    • To relax and unwind?
    • Is playfulness allowed?
    • Will sex be an option?
    • (Add your own parameters)

    Massage Oil – buy Melt’s Massage Oil here

    • Oil makes your massage better
    • It’s necessary to get the most out of  Melt

    Foot Stool – buy foot-stools here

    • Manufactured specifically for Melt
    • You can find alternatives on this page

This takes the spontaneity out of your massage but it gives you a framework that will guide you both – it doesn’t always have to be this way but in the beginning when you’re on the same page the massage is more rewarding.

Rules are meant to be broken

Also, spontaneity can be added back into the massage (watch the video).

how to RUIN a massage

4-ways to ruin a massage: Receiver Edition

  • Don’t Engage

    • Lay there silent
    • Be inactive
    • Do not be playful
  • Don’t Give Direction

    • OMG, that feels good! Don’t say that.
    • I’m loving that. Don’t give that encouragement.
    • You’ve hit the right spot! Never say things like that.
  • Pick At Your Partner’s Massage

    I’ve seen this happen in live workshops and it’s horrible to hear. You’ll definitely ruin all chances of future massages by nit-picking at your partner’s technique.

  • Don’t Be Grateful

    Showing no gratitude is a fantastic way to ruin your partner’s confidence and their massage.