Do you know how to be awesome at receiving back rubs?

…but, then at times there are those back rubs where you’re involved and receptive to what your partner is doing. And it’s a dance, you’re in tune with each other. It’s passionate and sexy, it’s lively and hot… I mean haaaaawwwt! And this is what I’m talking about. Bringing passion into your back rubs to switch up the dynamic!


Being active will always guarantee more back rubs in the future!

Do you slap on massage oil and hope for the best?

TOO MUCH – and your oil base will be wet, it’ll feel sloppy, there wont be a connection between you and your partner and the massage will feel incredibly amateurish. Start this way and your massage will end poorly!

TOO LITTLE – and it’ll be dry, the body will heat up quickly which isn’t a bad thing but you better know what you’re doing! Your massage will be laboursome and you’ll tire out quickly. Usually cutting your massage short leaving your partner feeling like – “meh, that was a crappy massage.”