Which Bottle Do You Prefer?

I’m so sorry about this video…

It’s my first video I’ve created completely solo – everything you see here I did myself with no experience, training or knowledge of video recording. Eek – I’m so nervous about releasing it that I’ve made this first video private and for your eyes only.

I plan to create a YouTube channel and add future videos there.

Emma and I have just come back from an epic 3 months in America! While we were there, we researched what it would take to get our very own line of massage oil – so you can use the same product I use when massaging Emma. A good quality oil, professional-grade, no additives, no preservatives and 100% natural. 

And we would love your help in deciding which bottle style to choose!



Our aim for these bottles is to take you on the journey and ask your help in making decisions. We’re going to be radically honest in showing you how much the bottles cost to produce. And when we launch the release of the bottles we’re going to be selling to our Melt family at cost for a short period of time. As a thank you for your dedication and time taken out to help us make a decision. 

Short or Tall?

Comment and let us know which bottle style you prefer? 


Tall or Short?