EXPERT LEVEL neck massage guide

My massage teacher said once “the day you’ve met someone who says they know it all, is the day you’ve met a fool!” 

This video slows down one of the easiest massage techniques you’ll learn so you can see exactly what each finger does. As well as weight distribution and focus areas. It’s a great way to get technical, specific and deliberate with your massage strokes. 

This video is a great contrast to the previous “easy” neck massage video I created 4 weeks ago.

A BIG Name For A Muscle That Has A BIG Job To Do!

You need to remember the name of this muscle, but it sure does help to know:

  • What this muscle does
  • Where it attaches to
  • Where it feels amazing to be massaged

The better you understand a muscle group, the easier it is for you to know how to relax that muscle. This is a simple guide to a very important muscle, explained in a way that you’ll understand. It’s also a great place to start as most muscle function in the same way. Get the hang of this one, and you’ll be able to pick up the others real fast!

1%ers separate the Professionals from the Amateurs

Your massage isn’t just a back rub. It’s an experience with someone you care about. You’re relaxing them, giving them attention, love and care.

  • The secret is in the details
  • Be better than everyone else
  • Keep your hands clean and feeling smooth

Take a minute to check your nails, a crappy state of nails = a crappy massage. It’s an easy fix.

This video is made specifically for couples who own Melt’s MasterClass – Tips For You!

After sharing back rubs for a little while, and the more confident your hands become we often forget about these things.

  • Don’t sweat the fancy stuff – keep it playful
  • Be amazing at the basics – it’ll make the harder techniques easy
  • When it feels good to you, I promise it…

This is a great reminder for my fellow Melter’s, I want to bring you back to the basics for just a few seconds. I promise, this will help you master the more difficult techniques.

The essential technique on how to give a great neck massage!

This is all you need to know to get started on a great neck massage!

  • Massage shouldn’t be complicated – this is ridiculously simple
  • Don’t do the pinchy pinchy technique… EVER!
  • Find your flow, watch your partner melt.

Follow this tutorial and be awesome at giving neck massages. Once you’ve got this down and confident, move onto Melt’s MasterClass and learn all the right techniques you need to give the best back rubs! Massage tutorials are below.

We ALL suck at some point – here’s how to suck less

Even professional massage practitioners don’t get every massage right. And it happens to couples all the time…
1. You lose rhythm n flow
2. There’s a disconnect between you and your partner
3. Things just dont feel right…
This tutorial takes you through 5 tips that will strip away the issues, make your confident and fix up any massage to make you better. 

This tutorial started at a poker night, and then things got out of hand (get it?! no? Anyone!)

User Q & A – The Simple Fix

Boredom comes because:
1. You Don’t Know Enough Techniques
2. You Don’t Have a Massage Routine
The easiest fix is to learn from someone a professional – of course I’m going to say that! Go get my MasterClass – it helps, it really helps!

In this video I’m in an Almond Orchard playing with a drone, and I crashed it – eek! Some stunning footage was created.

You’ll forget, I promise!

How confident are you with your back rubs?

Do you know where the knots are? Do you love getting into them while you watch your partner melt as all that tension releases. It’s so good! And here’s where the problem begins…

Don’t you just love deep tissue massage? Here’s how to make it even better!

Those massages that are Good, but Bad… and then they turn out to be “oh, so good!”

That’s what we’re looking for! And it’s really easy to do… just remember, every time you use deep tissue on a specific knot – immediately wash the pain away using relaxation strokes. What’s left behind is the most amazing afterglow!

This video has a scary theme to the intro…

Okay, a super important video.

I talk about the things professional practitioners do… and yes, you should totally copy what the professionals do.

Ever tried giving a foot massage without oil? It’s not easy.

It’s not easy, but its doable.

In this video I take you though a few tips and tricks that I use to make it easier to massage without any oils… such as using a sock to mimic lubrication (somewhat).

We also go through an entire foot massage at 3.5x speed so you can see what I did.

Are you into it, but your partner is saying “Nope. I dont want to massage.”

We don’t like doing things outside our comfort zone.

And we’re really good at making up our minds about things that we’ve never even tried…

If you’re struggling with convincing your partner that massage is totally great for your relationship. And that it’ll be fun, easy to do and probably lead to awesome things like sex, hugs, laughter, happiness and relaxation and all that stuff that feels so good together. Then this tutorial is perfect for you!

Are you curious to see what’s involved in developing an oil bottle?

Not exactly a tutorial – but still an important video… this might give you an appreciation of what a bottle costs to product and how much money I actually make per bottle.

I love a good scalp massage! You?

Scalp Massage, they’re the best! Literally the best thing invented on the planet.

Easy to do, you don’t have to be any good at it to make it feel incredible! If you’re not swapping scalp massages tonight – for even just 45 seconds at least – well then there’s no point in even watching a single video of mine… ever again!

Ever forgotten what to massage next? I have!

Having a routine to follow is the easiest way to make sure that your massage flows from one technique to the next without being caught out…

But what happens when you dont have the Melt MasterClass handy? Here’s the solution…

Do you know how to be awesome at receiving back rubs?

…but, then at times there are those back rubs where you’re involved and receptive to what your partner is doing. And it’s a dance, you’re in tune with each other. It’s passionate and sexy, it’s lively and hot… I mean haaaaawwwt! And this is what I’m talking about. Bringing passion into your back rubs to switch up the dynamic!


Being active will always guarantee more back rubs in the future!

Do you slap on massage oil and hope for the best?

TOO MUCH – and your oil base will be wet, it’ll feel sloppy, there wont be a connection between you and your partner and the massage will feel incredibly amateurish. Start this way and your massage will end poorly!

TOO LITTLE – and it’ll be dry, the body will heat up quickly which isn’t a bad thing but you better know what you’re doing! Your massage will be laboursome and you’ll tire out quickly. Usually cutting your massage short leaving your partner feeling like – “meh, that was a crappy massage.”

How often do you massage your partner when on vacation?

Sharing back rubs on vacation is a great way to spice things up, get a little romantic, somewhat cheeky… okay let me just say it. Massage in a relationship leads to the best type of sex! Do it, play with it… enjoy your personal time together.

Are your massages rushed? Or do you know when to stop, take a pause and wait a moment.

So why pause?

  • To create drama and colour to your massage
  • To add a focal point at the end of a massage stroke #emphasis
  • To let you chill, relax and take a breather
  • To save your hands so you can massage longer

Do you ever feel like you cannot get the technique perfectly right?

One of the best massage techniques I’ll teach you is called the Basic Stroke – and it really is truly basic. Problem is that usually women cannot complete the massage stroke on their man when their man has broad shoulders and they have a smaller frame.


This is easy… focus on the hug! This is more important than reaching all the way down the arms.

Which massage technique do you think is the most important one to learn?

This is soooo easy to do! Anyone can pick it up and do it:

  • It takes less than 30 seconds to learn
  • It wont hurt your hands
  • It feels incredibly good!
  • You cannot get this wrong


Can you last longer than 3 minutes without your hands hurting?

In this tutorial we talk about how to structure your massage routine so that your hands don’t hurt as much.

Simple easy advice to help you last longer than 3 minutes before your hands give up and thumbs run away.

  • Warm up the muscles first
  • Use lots of relaxation strokes
  • Use deep tissue only when your partner has relaxed
  • Use deep tissue for short amounts of time
  • Follow the 80 / 20 principle