Ever tried giving a foot massage without oil? It’s not easy.

It’s not easy, but its doable.

In this video I take you though a few tips and tricks that I use to make it easier to massage without any oils… such as using a sock to mimic lubrication (somewhat).

We also go through an entire foot massage at 3.5x speed so you can see what I did.

Are you into it, but your partner is saying “Nope. I dont want to massage.”

We don’t like doing things outside our comfort zone.

And we’re really good at making up our minds about things that we’ve never even tried…

If you’re struggling with convincing your partner that massage is totally great for your relationship. And that it’ll be fun, easy to do and probably lead to awesome things like sex, hugs, laughter, happiness and relaxation and all that stuff that feels so good together. Then this tutorial is perfect for you!