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$10.70 for both eBooks – For $30 Daters Only

$10.70 is a special price is for $30 Daters only, for new daters who recently signed up to $30 Date Night – to kick start your date nights. It’s been priced at $10.70 to make room in your budget for massage oil. We highly recommend you download these eBooks as you’ll never see this page or price again.
This is what your $10.70 will buy you…

[one_third]Basic Massage Course[/one_third]


Basic Massage Course – retails at $9.99

A simple introduction to massage. Denis regards this course to be the most important in the entire series. One that you’ll be able to complete in less than an hour and over a glass of wine, (but be careful that the wine glass doesn’t slip out of your hands.)

In this module you’ll learn how to apply oil the right way, smooth and relaxed. You’ll cover 3 very simple massage strokes that will set the foundation of all your massage to come. At the end of this course you’ll take on a brief 5 minute massage routine that covers the neck, back, shoulders and arms.[/two_third_last]

[one_third]Intermediate Massage Course[/one_third]


Intermediate Massage Course – retails at $27.00

Learning highlights – how to make your partner hum! This course is a little more involved. It teaches you how to find knots in your partners body as well as areas of tension. It includes techniques that work over these areas of tension to really make your partner melt.

At the end of this course you’ll be given a detailed 20 minute massage routine where your date will be to “OOH – AHH and MMM” If they’re not purring like a kitten by the end of their massage, let us know and we’ll give you your money back![/two_third_last]

Top 4 Massage Tips

Contour Your Hands

A smooth massage is always a good one. Relax your wrists and shoulders when massaging your date, and allow your hands to contour to their body. This will help your massage flow and become sexier.

Don’t Go Deep Right Away

Too many couples go in far too deep right away. Your hands will get tired quickly, but more importantly your date will tense up and not enjoy their massage. Always slowly progress to the deeper tissues – follow my instructions and I’ll show you how to make your partner hum!

Make Your Space Sexy

Best thing about massage at home is that you can make your place as sexy as you want! Dim the lights, scatter candles and play some sexy music – you’re partner wont even know that it’s your living room – oh, make sure this space is clean and tidy.

Massage On The Floor

You’re probably thinking the bed is the place to be… na-ahh! The floor is where it’s at! When you’re done with my courses you’ll be like Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the pottery scene from “Ghost.” You can’t get much hotter than that!

As Seen on TV

[quote] This video is a snap shot of the Make Your Partner Melt – Couples Massage Seminar presented by Denis Merkas.

Denis runs the Couples Massage Seminars in Melbourne, Australia on a monthly basis. The seminar runs for 3 hours and cost $350 per couple, $650+ if couples choose to stay the night in the Hotel.

Today, you can get everything Denis teaches in his seminar, and more for just $10.70 – the information given in the massage modules you download go in much greater detail than what is taught during the short 3 hour seminar. [/quote]



Denis’ Couples Massage Seminars Have Been Featured In These Publications


[testimonial company=”” author=”Slavica H.” image=”http://couplesmassagecourses.com/wp-content/uploads/Slavica-150×150.jpg”]
Denis’ Couples Massage Seminar was fantastic! My boyfriend and I already massage each other but we wanted to know if we’re doing it right. These courses have made our massages even better!
[testimonial company=”” author=”Chelsea K.” image=”http://couplesmassagecourses.com/wp-content/uploads/Chelsea.jpg”]
I surprised my husband with the Couples Massage Courses as something new to do. We’ve never massage each other before, it’s easy! Denis makes it fun and my husband’s massages are awesome! Who knew!!! I’m so happy!
[testimonial company=”” author=”Lisa A.” image=”http://couplesmassagecourses.com/wp-content/uploads/elliott_lisa.jpg”]
What a fantastic way to spend time and get closer to my husband! We’ve never had so much fun learning something new together. I love getting my massages from him, he now knows exactly where all my knots are!

Learn How To Make Your Partner Melt!

Imagine giving your date the best night of their life! This is such a wonderful way to increase intimacy, play and get so much closer to your sweetie!
[quote] Imagine…

The lights are dimmed, candles are spotted throughout your living room.

Music is playing in the background. You’ve locked the doors and turned your phones off so no one can disturb you.

The room is warm, inviting and seductive.

Your partner is sitting on the floor between your legs. They are slowly slipping away into deep relaxation as you give them your finest neck and shoulder massage.

As you ease out the tension your partner begins to hum – ooh’s and ahh’s come out when you hit just the right spot.

Learn how to massage your partner, it’s so easy to make your partner melt![/quote]


Hiya Daters!

You're in safe hands. I've been massaging for over a decade now. I teach hundreds of couples how to massage each year through my "Make Your Partner Melt" couples massage seminar. I also have a team of practitioners that help me run "Merkas Health."

I'm really proud of the Couples Massage Courses, it's a great way to spend date night at home. I think you'll love it!

Denis Merkas - Creator of CouplesMassageCourses.com

Here’s What You’ll Get

[quote] A hot date night perfect just for you and your loved one!



  • Basic Massage Course – 3 simple massage strokes to cover the neck, back, shoulders and arms. You’ll learn how to Make Your Partner Melt in less than an hour!
  • Intermediate Course – By the end of this course you’ll know where to find the spots that make your partner ooh, ahh and mmm! You’ll cover techniques that highlight areas of tension and will make your partner hum!
  • You’ll be given a 20 minute massage routine developed by Denis specifically for couples. The routine will show you which strokes to use to make a seductively flowing massage that your partner will love!
  • Denis will email you a checklist on how to make your room sexy and what you can do to make this experience the best night your partner has ever had!
  • We guarantee your thumbs wont hurt and hands wont be tired. You’ll easily be able to provide your date a massage that keep you both entertained and having fun
  • We’ll give you the Top 10 do’s and dont’s of massage, an essential list to keep you from falling into bad habits.
  • Most importantly, Denis will provide you with additional support. Emailing you with tip and hints on how to make your massage better, sexier and more fun!


Money Back Guarantee

[quote type=”center”] 12 Month Money Back Guarantee – We think you’ll love fooling around with your partner while massaging so much that we’re happy to give a
No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. Enjoy Date Night! [/quote]