New Melt Routine’s

This routine is the first of it’s kind for Melt…

Simplified to focus on 3 areas of the body:

  • The Basic Stroke
  • Golf Balls
  • Train Tracks

It’s detailed, and deep tissue focused, made for the intermediate to advanced couple. This routine includes less coaching to inspire a freedom of expression – allowing you to make it your massage, particularly through the basic stroke sequence.

Watch my movements and pick what suits your style.

The music design is structured to build as we move deeper into the strokes. This is to evoke emotion from your massage to help you connect and find a deeper release. Use the music to guide your hands.

Note, no thumbs are used in this entire massage routine. This is done on purpose – allowing you to add your own thumb techniques where it feels natural to you.

15-min Routine

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

  • Highly Rhythmical
  • Very Deep
  • Train Tracks / Golf Balls Focused
  • Freedom of Movement
  • No Thumbs

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