Our Valentine’s Collaboration


Continuing from my email…

Welcome to Melt! Emma and I are glad that you’ve stopped by. This page is totally dedicated to Feb 14 (Valentine’s Day)… and helping you create some great content for your readers and getting paid for it! 

Together we have a real opportunity to do something fun for your audience and help them create a truly amazing Valentine’s. AND don’t forget – we pay you for this too! 

It’s a Win – Win. The only way business should be conducted.

Some of the bloggers I’ve worked with like to combine our talents – as you’ll see below. For example food bloggers often combine a recipe with Melt to create a unique Valentine’s date! Add quality time, soft lighting and a warm space and you have The. Most. Romantic. Valentine’s Date. EVER!

If writing a great piece about Valentine’s Day resonates with you and most importantly is something you know your audience needs for February – let’s get chat and figure out how to make this work and how much it would cost.

Below are some very creative bloggers that have combined their site with Melt… AND it worked a treat!

About Melt


We teach couples how to give amazing back rubs, as well as amazing head, hand and foot massages too. Awesome, simple instructions with no nudity or awkwardness.

Our videos have been bought by over 20,000 couples in more than 50 countries. The reason it works so well is simple… it’s an honest and pure way for couples to connect and steal moments together. As well as giving each other joy, happiness and love. 

Most couples try giving their partner massages, but when they don’t know what they’re doing they fail and never try again. We give them an opportunity to learn from a professional so it feels good and doesn’t hurt their hands. Ultimately, everyone is having a great experience. 

Nothing like Melt exists on the net. Couples love it, and it works perfectly for Valentine’s. We have one shot at this – let’s make it happen.

If you love the idea of connecting just a little deeper with your partner this Valentine’s – reach out and I’ll give you complete free access to everything I teach. It costs you nothing, and you can see firsthand whether this is something you can add to a great V’Day post.