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    Couples Massage Expert, Denis Merkas shares his most valuable tip every couple should know.

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How good is your back rub?

How much fun would it be learning how to give each other the perfect back rub? It’s just a few simple follow-along massage techniques that we’ve already taught to thousands of couples. Sound good?

Hi, my name is Denis Merkas, and the lucky woman getting that massage in the video above is my wife, Emma. We specialize in teaching couples how to massage – and we’ve been doing it since 2006.

I’m about to show you my most important massage tip – if you think you can get this right, then you’ll breeze through my massage video series. We recommend couples use our Melt videos as part of their date nights. It’s way more fun than dinner and a movie – in fact, it may be the best date idea you’ll do this year! (Just saying).

It’s not rocket surgery…

It’s actually really easy to do when you know where to put your hands and what to do with them. Here’s how the experts make massage feel so good!

Mold your hands to your partner’s body and explore every line, every curve. Keep your palms down and fingertips down to create a luscious and full massage stroke feeling.

Forget about deep tissue techniques or fancy strokes. This comes later and is no where near as important at molding your hands. I call this part romancing your partner’s body – get this right and your partner will fall in love with your hands.

* Watch how my hands mold to Emma’s arms. Look closely at my fingers *

Couples Massage Tips

Do you think you can get this molding technique right?

The single most important massage tip I’ll ever teach you. Mold your hands to your partner’s body: “Keep your palms down & fingertips down.”

Even just watching this you can see it feels amazing. It looks like the perfect stroke. This is super easy to do. Also, look how my my body sways, making her body sway too – we’re in sync with each other. It’s all very simple. This one tip will make your massage immediately impressive.

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Be an Amazing Partner in 3 Easy Steps

The Perfect Date Night

What’s the most memorable date night you’ve had recently? I think we can go one better! The back rub date idea can be as romantic as you want. It could be just like the video above with candles and dim lights… But if you want amazing – here’s how you do it in 3 easy steps:

1. Create anticipation: Tell your partner you want them all to yourself for 90 minutes and book a time. Tell them they’ll need to be dressed in loose, comfortable clothing but still groomed and well-presented. Don’t give out any more hints… they’ll die from anticipation and trying to guess – this is where the magic begins!

2. Add a blindfold: On your date night, sit them down – slip a blindfold over their eyes, pop some headphones on them, playing their favorite music and leave them with a glass of wine. Tell them to wait for you and no peeking! Quickly set up your massage space; light candles, dim the lights and have your massage oil ready.

3. Begin your massage: Lead them to you massage space – blindfold remains on. Take their clothes off (do this slowly – they’ll giggle, enjoy the moment), wrap them in a towel (or don’t!) and then begin. At first they’ll be shy, but once the massage begins, they’ll be melting in your hands.

Now for your massage! Check out this video.

Each month hundreds and hundreds of couples from all over the world tune into the MELT Video Series…

Teaching couples how to massage since 2006.

3 Massage Routines

Three separate date ideas

MELT is a three part series. Created for not one date night, but for three amazing evenings that you can do over the course of a month or longer. Each series includes its own follow along massage routine to make you a massage rockstar.

17 Massage Techniques

From beginner to advanced techniques

The techniques take on average 4 minutes to learn. Super easy, huh! And there’s 17 of them – your massage will feel amazing after the first four!

  • MELT: Massage Guide for Couples
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  • 3 Part Video Series
    Perfect Over Several Date Nights
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I was inspired to buy Melt as it came highly recommended and because of the mention that it was ‘clean’ and ‘romantic’

“I would never have known how to build a massage in the way that Denis and Emma demonstrate, and I really appreciate the fact that Melt is kept clean, sophisticated and romantic, and does not stray into the kind of video that I am not interested in. Any couple would find Melt a really special massage teaching video.  In addition to the massage element, it was just a really nice way to learn to connect physically in a romantic, tender way.  Melt would be a perfect treat for a memorable romantic night in, and allows you to connect with your spouse whether you have plenty of time, or only a little. We absolutely love it, and will use it regularly for years to come.  Thank you Denis and Emma!”

My boyfriend’s and my primary love languages is physical touch. I wanted to become ‘fluent’ in this language

“The videos are great! I loved how easy it was to follow along and the freedom to alter the routine. What inspired me to try the videos was when I discovered that one of my boyfriend’s and my primary love languages is physical touch.  I wanted to become “fluent” in this language. The biggest discovery for us has been contouring our hands.  It really makes a difference.”

Every Relationship Deserves a Little Massage in It

What happens when a relationships expert teams up with an accomplished masseur?

Denis Merkas, Massage Therapist

Hi, I’m Denis and perhaps the most defining characteristic of my career is that I’ve never had a full time job in my life. Perhaps it’s a problem with authority? Who knows. Either way, massage is all I really know, and it’s the one thing I can confidently say I’m an expert in, and that is only because of the sheer amount of hours I have spent both training in and practicing massage.

My first qualification was a degree in Acupuncture. While I was still at university, I decided to also study remedial massage. When I graduated in 2000, I immediately started up my own clinic. I learned a lot of lessons. I shut down the clinic and evolved my business to a massage company called Merkas Health, servicing Melbourne’s leading hotels (and one sublime ski resort) with kick-ass massages.

I’ve always thought a massage should be a proper massage, not a “skin polish” (which is what I call it when you go to a day spa and they stroke your skin lightly for an hour) – and I trained all my staff to provide the best massages they possibly could.

A good massage is a good massage, no matter who you are… Which is why we found ourselves massaging some of the world’s biggest celebrities when they came to stay in Melbourne. This roll call includes Pearl Jam, Art Garfunkel, The Pussycat Dolls, Flo Ryda, James Earl Jones and many more. I’m always super proud when I send them one of my talented staff that I’ve trained, and even more so when those staff go on to become fantastic massage practitioners in their own right, with their own clinics and loyal clients.

But for all the bells and whistles that came with Merkas Health, I can honestly say that this Melt series is by far the most meaningful thing I’ve achieved in my career. Countless hours have been spent creating, perfecting and refining this product to give you what we have today: a unique, effective system for teaching couples how to massage that really makes a difference to relationships everywhere.

Emma Merkas, Relationships Expert

I’m Emma and I’m the lucky girl who is married to the massage guru you see to the left here. I’m also the one getting treated to all that massage in our videos – it’s a tough job, but I think I managed it pretty well.

I love to write. I’ve made it a huge part of what I do on a daily basis now, so you’ll see articles all across this website written by me. It’s my favorite way to communicate all the love and relationships knowledge I’ve accumulated in my work.

I had a national relationships column in an Australian newspaper for three years, and I’ve written articles for many glossy magazines and multi-national websites across the internet. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart and always have been, so I think it’s pretty fitting that I write mostly about relationships, love, marriage and date nights.

I used to have a full time job, but it was so long ago that I barely remember it. Lucky, as it never agreed with me anyway. We’ve learned a lot working for ourselves, and working together as a couple, and it has all come together with the recent relaunch of Melt: Massage for Couples.

We’re really proud of the product and brand we’ve created, and we’re honored that couples everywhere are using Melt to learn to massage and get closer in their own relationships. I especially love watching couples at the end of our live courses after they’ve learned to massage for two hours solid; they leave hand in hand, planting kisses on each other’s cheeks and snuggling up to one another in sheer love and gratitude… if that’s what a massage can do, give me more!

The MELT Story – how it began

(a true story told by Denis)

The original MELT was created because I wanted to find a creative way to hook up with Emma.

Ah, we were so young back then, and only friends. The usual charm wasn’t working, I needed something that would really get her attention. Back then MELT was raw and intense. It suited the sexual tension between us and worked perfectly.

For a long time MELT remained our private massage routine. My company, Merkas Health was in rapid growth, I was super focused. My goal was to produce Melbourne best massage practitioners, I spent most of my time training staff and expanding the company.

The first versions of MELT was too raw, far too sexy and couldn’t be taught to a class. After a year of fooling around with MELT in our own relationship (obviously I got the girl) I began stripping it back and cleaning the routine up. We ran our first class with friends and family attending. This was a good test to see if it was awkward or too weird to teach in a group setting. It wasn’t – oh man, what a relief! Now, time to release the new MELT to the public.

Years went by. The workshops started booking out. We added more classes, teaching over 100 people in a day. I kept refining the routine, making it better. Finding simplier solutions couples can use to make their massage better. MELT became good, I mean really good! Nothing like this exists in the world, the perfect massage techniques for couples. In Feb 2014 (8 years later), we hopped onto a plane and made our way to Los Angeles. The MELT videos are a combination of luck, faith and extremely hard work – we knew the techniques were good, but the whole video thing could have turned out so cheesy. It could have turned out so bad. But it didn’t, in fact its far from it!

Now MELT is received by people from all over the world. Each month hundreds and hundreds of couples buy MELT to use as a creative way to set up date night at home. It’s by far my greatest achievement.

  • MELT: Massage Guide for Couples
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  • 3 Part Video Series
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