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  • The couple who wants a deeper connection.
  • This isn’t a one night stand – this course continues to make you better for years to come.

Melt’s MasterClass is a comprehensive series of tutorials that take you through Beginner to Advanced massage techniques. Tested on over 40,000 couples – this is the best series of massage techniques specific for couples you’ll learn.

Explore each others body, learn the right places to massageusing correct technique so your hands last longer than 5 minutes. Make your partner melt, sleep better, feel relaxed, release tension and find intimacy and seduction in your connection.

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  • Couples who already massage and want to know they’re on the right track.
  • Unless you’re a professional massage practitioner, you’re making these mistakes.

This course is also useful for couples who are curious to see if they’re going to be any good at massage. This free course helps you dip your toes in, no commitment, and no hassle.

Important NOTE: In Melt MasterClass (the paid course) you don’t require to do this course. We teach you how to massage correctly from the second you pick up that oil bottle to the point your partner melts in your hands! It’s awesome!

Hi there, I’m Denis.

Hi there, I’m Denis.

A remedial massage therapist who gets to teach couples how to massage for a living, I’m pretty sure I have the best job in the world!

Today, more than 30,000 couples have been taught in both live workshops and online video tutorials!

Saying that out loud seems crazy to me… my back rub routine was never created for other couples to see. I originally created it for myself, in my own relationship, not for the public. But it makes me so proud now!

Next to me is Emma – the gorgeous model that I demonstrate on.

Come join us as we take you through 17 amazing massage techniques that will make your partner drool! And give you 3 massage routines that you can do at home!

Relax your partner, release their knots, tension and stress… and connect like never before!

“Before Melt, my husband’s approach to “back rubs” was quick and rough and it hurt so much that I would rarely ask for them and if I did, I would soon ask him to stop. Now that Denis has taught us, my husband is gentle yet effective with his massages.”

“Denis and Emma keep everything clean and comfortable, while still encouraging couples to be romantic and loving and let it go wherever it leads them.”

“Denis does a wonderful job breaking down each different technique and not only showing you how to do it but also the things you should avoid doing.”

“My husband and I are now making massage a part of our nightly bedtime routine. It is a perfect way to connect physically and emotionally.”

3 Different Ways to Learn

Simple instructions for a beautiful massage

Video Courses

Choose from back and shoulders, head, hands and feet. The easiest way to learn at your own pace, just stream and follow along at home. 

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eBook Manuals

Stocked with great couples massage tips, complete with muscle-mapping images so you can picture what’s under the surface. 

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Live Courses

Held in Melbourne, Australia. Two hour live group class held in a gorgeous boutique hotel. Fun, lively and comfortable, with rave reviews.

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