Inside This Course


  • How To Stop Your Hands From Hurting
  • The Most Important Massage Technique You’ll Learn
  • How to Apply Oil The Sexy Way
  • The Worst Massage Technique Ever!
  • A Secret ALL Massage Therapists Do – Copy This
  • Using Intimacy to Your Advantage
  • Neck Massage – Basic VS Advanced Techniques

This is a killer course, covering the important topics above.

It’s free to join this course – but you will need massage oil. Click here if you don’t have a bottle of oil – this is Melt’s therapeutic grade massage oil created by us! It’s awesome.

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You’ll be emailed a new tutorial each day for the next 7 days – you also receive instant access to ALL the tutorials once you’ve signed up – great huh!

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In the video below, Denis, (your massage coach) works with a couple that have never massaged before.

Here’s what we learn in this video:

  • Applying oil is harder than you think
  • No structure makes for a amateurish massage
  • Poor hand control / technique hurts both you and your partner

Join us in this course and let’s fix your massage mistakes getting you on the right track and making your massages feel deliciously smooth.

Gina and her Husband Dwayne, 

have been using Melt to share back rubs for the past 3 months…

Favourite Technique: The Basic Massage Stroke.

Well chosen, we regard “the basic stroke” as the most important technique you’ll learn, and the easiest too.

It’ll help you find rhythm and flow, and bring relaxation in spades! At the end of the stroke is the most amazing hug – so good!

Thanks for your kind words Gina – we’re so happy you and Dwayne are a part of Melt!

What Husband’s Say:

This is Dan (the husband), we love the part about the ‘mushy mushy Yum Yum bits’

We get feedback like this from couples often. The mushy mushy Yum Yum’s are just one of the 17 techniques you’ll find in the Melt Video series – we have silly names for all our techniques to help you remember them easy. It’s a great way to help connect couples and let you communicate the things you need a little better – something like… “babe, can you spend just a minute or two rubbing my mushy mushy Yum Yum’s?”

I was inspired to buy Melt as it came highly recommended and because of the mention that it was ‘clean’ and ‘romantic’

“I would never have known how to build a massage in the way that Denis and Emma demonstrate, and I really appreciate the fact that Melt is kept clean, sophisticated and romantic, and does not stray into the kind of video that I am not interested in. Any couple would find Melt a really special massage teaching video.  In addition to the massage element, it was just a really nice way to learn to connect physically in a romantic, tender way.  Melt would be a perfect treat for a memorable romantic night in, and allows you to connect with your spouse whether you have plenty of time, or only a little. We absolutely love it, and will use it regularly for years to come.  Thank you Denis and Emma!”

A great way for us to be together and unwind, and for just ten to fifteen minutes lose track of everything…

“I watched the trailer video and was hooked, I bought the series, watched the first set, went home that evening and tried it with my wife. She loved it, I loved it. It is just a great way for us to be together and unwind, and for just ten to fifteen minutes lose track of everything and intensely focus on each other. Afterwards you feel so relaxed, and the stress of the day seems to have vanished.”

We Teach You How To

Give the most amazing back rubs.

Easy to learn massage techniques that you can play with, in the privacy of your own home.

This course is for couples who love physical touch, it’s packed with intimate moments perfect for relationships.

Melt is beautifully filmed with no nudity or awkward moments.

You’ll explore each other body. Your massage will bring a deeper connection, and the more you play the better it gets!

Learn at your own pace. Some couples choose to practice one technique per night, others make it a seductive candle light event once a month.

Everything you need to know to make your partner Melt is right here.