What couples get wrong when massaging their partner + how to fix it

How much do you love a good massage? We’ve all given our partner a massage before… and it feels so good when its done right. Here’s one simple tip to make your massage more like a professional:

Mold your hands to your partner’s body!

Forget about deep tissue or any fancy techniques, these are not important right now. Contour your hands to your partners body and your massage will immediately feel more like a professional massage. I always begin by molding my hands and exploring my partners body – this sets the mood and relaxes my partner making it easier to go deeper into the muscles later on in the massage.

We  try so hard to impress our partner that we tense up, our hands become rigid and all of a sudden the massage is terrible.

Professional massage therapists know how to stay relaxed. They follow the lines of the body molding their hands to the curves of the body – this feels amazing. You should do the same, exploring your partners body to relax them.

Couples Massage Tips

Mould your hands to your partners body. Keep your palms down and fingertips down and follow the curves of your partners body.