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Yes! We have included breast massage and glute massage (with glutes exposed). These classes are locked away and can only be access by:

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By default your account is set up to be PG with zero nudity shown.

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Melt has been filmed to be therapeutic and to help couples connect through massage at home. Our nude classes follow this guideline.

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All video content is streamed online, and once purchased are ready for immediate viewing in your account. You can access your account using the “MY ACCOUNT” link in the menu bar at the top of the page. We do not ship physical products. If you have purchased any of our videos, they’re now ready and waiting for you to view them in your account.

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Yes, you can download the massage routines, but not the techniques.

There are 17 massage techniques + additional videos to help you grasp content of the routines as fast as possible – that’s a lot of videos. On couplesmassagecourses.com, the videos are organised and can be easily accessed. They’re structured for you to learn as easy as possible.

Each massage stroke is taught in a progression, and builds you up in preparation for each routine – the best part is found at each routine. Once oure comfortable with each technique, download the routine and store it on your favourite device. Ready for the next time you want to make your partner melt!

Welcome to buffering!

Buffering is predominately a problem on your end. This is a good thing because it’s easy to resolve and achieve smooth playback.

When buffering occurs, playback is impaired and becomes choppy. Buffering is no ones friend. I have never heard anyone say “Yay! Buffering!!” The reason this happens is because the video load speed is takes longer than playback. So playback pauses and waits for load speed to catch up.

Here’s a few ways to get around the issue:

Option 1. The videos by default are set to play in High Definition. Our system should be smart enough to detect how fast your internet speed is and deliver you the most appropriate video source. But, just in case, you can turn the video to Standard Definition to try and achieve smoothness. Make sure that the HD at the bottom of the video is greyed out (not blue) click on it if it’s blue.

Option 2. Allow the video to buffer before you watch it. To do this, press play and then press pause – now wait. Wait about 30 seconds. You’ll notice the video will begin loading down the bottom. Once enough video has loaded, you won’t experience any choppiness at all.

Option 3. You might be experiencing buffering because your computer is running too many programs. Close all programs, reboot your system and start fresh. This usually solves most problems.

Option 4. Your internet is too slow / too many people are using the internet at the same time. Upgrade to a faster internet / tell your kids to stop playing online games and go get some vitamin D.

We made sure that each video is short, approximately (3 minutes in duration) to help solve the problem of buffering. Longer videos such as the massage routines are downloadable for this reason. Solving the choppiness should be very simple, it’s up to you to find the solution. Our videos are hosted on Vimeo – they’re world class in delivering video content. It’s all they do.

Melt was created in Melbourne, Australia – and we’re certainly proud Aussies. Since the launch of the online videos in March 2014, we’ve been able to deliver Melt all over the world to more than 90 countries. Its inspiring to see couples looking for ways to connect in their relationship.

Currently, it’s couples in the United States that are most passionate about giving their spouse / partner a massage. We’re working hard to build awareness outside of the US – and have plans to set up a multi-lingual / mutli-currency site.

Massage FAQs

Surprisingly, on a healthy body you can go quite deep. Some people like it very deep and other prefer a lighter massage. What does your partner like?

  • The easiest way to find out what depth and pressure your partner likes is to ask them.
  • Always start your massage light and progressively work deeper as the muscles warm up. As you go deeper, ask your partner if the pressure should be more or less. Use questions like: “Is this pressure too much?” or “Would you like it even deeper?”
  • When you go deep, there is potential of bruising the muscle. If the muscle is bruised your partner will feel it for several days later. Just like a bruise on the surface of the skin, it will heal itself and go away.
  • Don’t ever go in deep right away. Even if your partner loves deep tissue massage. It just doesn’t work! Take your time, romance your partner with some awesome long relaxation strokes and progressively work your way deeper. It’ll make their body more relaxed; you’ll be able to reach the deeper tissues using less effort. If you go in hard right away your partner’s body will automatically tense up, making it harder for you to massage. Spend some time getting it right for bigger rewards later.

See Deep Tissue Massage Classes

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t massage your partner. A very simple rule of thumb is that if you are NOT SURE whether your partner is fit enough to be massaged by you, then DON’T DO IT. For example: If your partner complains that their back is sore because they pulled it lifting something heavy, then don’t massage them.

Melt was designed exclusively for healthy bodies. If you are taking medications of any sort or are unsure if you should be massaging your partner, our advice is to always consult with your physician before giving your sweetie a massage.

The following are contraindications to massage, DO NOT massage your partner if they have:

  • Inflammation
  • Skin rash
  • Injury
  • Diabetes
  • Haemophilia
  • Skin Infections
  • Blood Clots
  • Cancer
  • Cardiac Conditions
  • Varicose Veins

A note on pregnancy. If your partner is in their first trimester of pregnancy, it is recommended that you don’t massage them. Massage can be very beneficial through the second and third trimesters, though we recommend you don’t go too deep. You may need to alter some things to make your pregnant partner comfortable while massaging them too.

Base Oils, also known as carrier oils, such as Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Oil or Grapeseed Oil are examples of what Massage Therapists use during their treatments. There plenty of oils that can be used as base oil although the most commonly used is Sweet Almond Oil. It can be purchased at any health food store quite cheaply. You’ll also find these oils at Amazon.com as well as beauty shops like the Body Shop.

You can choose to create a blend by adding essential oils to your base oil. Or purchase a pre-mixed blend. A blend consists of mainly base oil, with only a few drops of essential oils. Approximately, you should use a ratio of 2 to 3 drops per 250ml (8fl. oz) of base oil. Essential oils are not necessary. In fact, in private practice I choose to only use a base oil as people may have allergies to essential oils or not enjoy the aroma.

Essential oils are potent and not all oils are suitable for all people. If you wish to experiment with blends, I recommend doing research via the internet before you begin.

Before you begin your massage you need to decide: Do you want to give your partner a therapeutic massage (like a massage therapist), or do you want to give them a back rub as their husband / wife, boyfriend / girlfriend?

I teach couples how to massage using simple techniques that you can do at home without the need of a massage table, designed specifically for getting you two closer together.

When I designed Melt, the first question I asked was “what is the most intimate position a couple could be placed in?” It’s definitely not the massage table. I came up with the Melt Set Up, and then built the massage techniques around that. When I first started massaging Emma (not as her practitioner) but as her lover, I wanted her up close to me so she could feel me breathing on her, my heart beating in my chest. I wanted it to be unlike any massage she has ever had before!

Even as an experienced massage practitioner, I didn’t to give her a 90 minute full body massage. Any massage therapist can do that. I wanted something that Emma could experience in which she has never had before. Here is the Melt Set Up in detail so you can see how different it is to massaging your partner in the traditional sense.

As often as you want, as long as your massage doesn’t cause any pain, and so long as there are no injuries or contraindications.

Deep tissue massage can bruise the muscle and cause pain, even though you may not see any bruises, your partner will feel them if they’re present during the massage.

  • We’ve polled extensively on this and found that by far, the fastest thing that will kill the mood is mess and clutter. There is nothing sexy about a pile of dirty laundry in the corner of the room! Make sure the room you massage in is clean and tidy before you begin.
  • Because you are massaging on the floor, do ensure the carpet is vacuumed or the rug that you’re sitting on is vacuumed. Just putting in a little effort makes all the difference to a seductive massage.
  • Dim the lights or turn them off all together.
  • Light candles. Small tealight candles can be purchased in bulk for very cheap at the dollar store.
  • Music is great to set the scene – play your partner’s favourite music, not yours. Even better if you both love the same album.
  • Keep the room warm as your partner won’t be wearing much.
  • Your hands must be warm. There’s nothing worse than cold hands. You can easily warm hands under warm water.
  • Use scent to add to the sensory experience. Vanilla, sandalwood and ylang ylang are all known for their seductive properties. Get scented candles or burn some incense. Aromatherapy kits also work well.
  • Turn phones off. You can’t immerse yourself in the experience if you know someone is trying to track you down!
  • Lock the doors. Nothing worse than interruptions.
  • I like to tease my partner, when I know that I’ve found a spot on their body that they like massaged I’ll pay it attention and once they start to really ooh and ahh then I’ll shy away to another location, then come back until they ooh and ahh again, this time staying a little longer. Keep playing this cat and mouse game until they really want you! Tease them!
  • I use the tease technique when massaging the chest. The chest is a sensitive area to massage on both guys and girls. Tact is needed. Breast massage is highly therapeutic and I cannot recommend it enough. That’s the massage therapist in me talking, I’m not just “being a guy” here. Massage around the breasts in a circular or figure 8 fashion rather than going directly over the breast, move slowly and flow with your massage stroke.
  • Both guys and girls, take your time before you make it over to the chest. It is a sensitive area and will produce brilliant results! Make sure you’ve spent at least 20 minutes working the other areas of the body before you approach the chest.
  • Tease by making your way towards the chest, then shy away and go back to massaging the neck or shoulders, then down towards the chest again, this time a little further down then back up to shoulders. Keep this teasing going on for a little before you place your full attention on the chest.
  • Build anticipation, your partner will be waiting in anticipation for you to finally make your way and completely cover the chest with your hands. And when you do it’ll make them feel oh-so-amazing!

View the Relaxation Massage Classes – this is where sensuality begins

Massaging breasts is fantastic for all parties involved – and by fantastic, yes I mean therapeutic too – you’d approach this area of the body in the same manner as any other part.

The chest is a sensitive area on both men and women. Use tact when massaging the chest, you do not want to go in too fast, or rush this massage. Rather make it caressing, a beautiful flowing massage is perfect.

View Breast Massage Course

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