Better Massages At Home

90 Second : Short Class

I die tomorrow, here’s everything I’d want you to know about massaging your partner at home


The Good Guide

  • You DO NOT Need To Be Amazing At Massage

    Attitude is more important than technique

    • Your technique will get better
    • Be playful / make it fun
    • Be curious – this is really important
  • Explore New Things

    Step out of your comfort zone.
    If you always give backrubs, massage something different.

    • When massaging seated seem odd (try it)
    • When you always massage deep (learn how to flow)
    • When every massage leads to sex, talk to each other and agree that it will only be a massage (see what happens next…)
    • Break patterns, its good for you
  • Play More!

    Your relationship needs play & lots of it.

    • Be silly & curious
    • Make it cheeky & intimate
    • Don’t get caught in a trap of always fixing problems

    Becoming your partner’s “practitioner” builds resentment over time.

    There are professionals who are better than you at that job.

  • Focus

    After learning relaxation massage, become exceptional with one deep tissue technique. Choose a body part:

    • Learn where the knot is
    • Learn how to release it
    • Practice often

    And now include that with your relaxation massage. Repeat the process with another body part.

  • Connection

    Sex is the default “next step” when massaging at home.

    Don’t stop massaging when the sex gets boring – break the pattern.

    • Enjoy the sex in the beginning, its so good!
    • When its predictable its time to change
    • Try no sex (only connection). There are secrets to be discovered about your relationship when you try a new approach.
  • Give More Than You Receive

    This is really hard to do in a relationship…
    But it’s more powerful than you know

    • Lead by example
    • Don’t stop
    • Don’t become resentful
    • Keep on giving

    It does work, have faith in your partner that they will see your effort

Let’s go massage! Pick a class

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  • Repeat the classes you’ve already done
  • No one has ever grown from doing the one class, once. Try again.