Free Mini Massage Course (Part 3 of 5)

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VIDEO: The 4 Most Common Massage Mistakes Couples Make (and How to Fix Them!)

Hear from those that have already tried it:

“We’ve only made it through the 5 minute routine, but have already learned a lot, and realized we were doing a lot wrong for a long time! We were using the “pinchy-pinchy” method of massaging the shoulders, rather than contouring and keeping our palms and fingertips down, and what a difference such a small change can make!”

“We love massage and enjoy massaging each other, and we are always ready to learn new exciting ways to be together so we thought we’d try out the video series. We realised we’ve been using fingers and thumbs to massage but now instead we mold our hands to the body when applying pressure. I would recommend Melt for any couple – just do it! Set the time aside and be together.”

“My wife and I have always enjoyed massage as a way to connect and be romantic as well as just relax after a tough day, but we’ve never had any formal training. You gave us some wonderful techniques and we LOVE the results! The way you taught us to mold our hands to our partner’s back has taken our massages to a whole new level!”