Foot Massage

90 Second : Short Class

There’s a point at the bottom of the foot, right in-between the balls of the feet which feel incredible!

Let’s massage that tonight:

  • No oil needed
  • Use moisturiser if you want a little glide
  • Press in, hold. Wait for your partner to hum




inside the masterclass

Things you’ll learn and experiences you’ll share


    Do this entire course in one evening.
    DURATION: 20 mins per person.

    Your first massage is an experience of relaxation and connection. We dim lights, set the mood and make each other melt.

    Every relationship ought to know the basics of massage. 

    • Apply Oil The Way Massage Therapist’s Do
    • Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
    • Add Intimacy and Playfulness

    Includes: 5-minute follow along routine

  • Intermediate Course

    15 Massage Classes: Unlike the basic course do one class at a time

    We elevate your massage game. You’ll identify knots and understand what tension feels like. It’s deep tissue without hurting your thumbs.

    We’re getting to know your partners body, what they like and what makes them Melt.

    • Upper and Lower Back Massage
    • Neck and Shoulder Massage (detailed classes)
    • Head and Arms Massage
    • Rhythmical movements
    • Depth and Pressure

    Includes: 15-minute follow along routine

  • Advanced Course

    19 Massage Classes: Depth and Pressure (do one class at a time)

    • Highly Therapeutic and Deep Release
    • Work On Specific Knots
    • Learn How To Use Thumbs

    At the end of this course we bring all the techniques in every class into a massive 30 minute massage routine that will make your partner melt.

    Includes: 30-minute follow along routine

next step – APPLY OIL

NEXT STEP: Let’s go into the MasterClass (click here) and view how to apply oil.

There’s a wrong way and a right way.

Oil consistency matters. In the beginning most couples use far too much oil. A wet massage is horrible:

  • You’re partner’s body remains cold
  • Connection is completely lost
  • It makes you look like an amateur

Applying oil is really easy, follow this guide: click here to go to your account.