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Up to 1-year of subscription payments may be used as credit

  • Use previous payments to reduce the cost of lifetime membership
  • Up to 1-year of credits
  • Lifetime membership cost: $599
  • Contact Us to request an upgrade (calcuate discount)
  • Credits expire when subscriptions are cancelled

never stop learning

In search of connection and relaxation

Unlimited access to everything we teach (including future upgraded content) for life. Never pay for any of Melt’s educational content again.

  • Melt’s MasterClass

    • 54 Massage Classes
    • 4 Massage Routines
    • Highly produced, easy to watch
    • Designed to help you connect, relax and release tension
    • This is a massage experience in which you can choose to make intimate, sexual, playful, relaxing, connecting or releasing. You journey is what you make it.
    • We keep Melt clean without nudity or awkwardness – with only a hint of intimacy to give you a guide on where you can take your massage.
  • Head, Hands & Feet

    • Massage the extremities
    • Tension pools in these areas – we use them all day every day
  • Weekly "PlayTime" Classes

    Each Friday you’re given a new short massage tutorial to play with

    • 90 seconds or less
    • Little to no set up required
    • Removes expectations

    These classes remove all the hassles that stop couples from massaging each other. Including time, set up, tools like oils and footstools, making yourself look good and expectations.

  • accountability // relationship coach

    • Each we check-in to see if you got your hands on each other
    • A resource that helps you shape the relationship you want
    • Use this to keep track of massage (physical touch / intimacy / quality time) progress
    • Helps you recognise how often you are connecting
  • Bonus Content

    • The MasterClass comes with a bonus 15-minute massage routine
    • Additional Deep Tissue Classes
    • More content is added to this membership each year

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