Glute Massage

If your sciatica is caused by muscle tension… we can massage that out!

The glute muscles hold an incredible amount of tension, and the release is phenomenal.

This course will leave you with a feeling of brand new legs and more freedom of movement within your hips.

Exposed & Clothed

We pride ourselves on keeping your account clean and PG – your account comes standard with glute classes where we massage through clothes.

We teach you how to massage the glutes through yoga pants (and also with a towel) keeping your account modest.

FREE upgrade to exposed glutes

To level up your massage game, unlock the exposed glutes massage classes. This is a free upgrade and requires a special opt-in to ensure that you want to view this level of skin exposure.

  • You’ll learn more
  • You can apply oil which makes your massage better
  • And you’ll understand the techniques better
How Access This Course

The glute massage course is found in the following packages:

Both the packages unlock ALL our classes and gets you access to everything we teach.