How To Make
Father’s Day

THIS JUNE 17th, 2018

Of course Father’s Day is about the kids. They take priority! But if you want to go one step further… if you want to rock his world and make this Father’s Day the BEST EVER… play this little game of hide n seek, that eventually leads to a back rub.

This is serious fun… with over 30,000 couples taught – we think we’ve got a few things right. It has all the elements for the perfect gift experience.




You’ll keep him guessing all day long, even the kids wont know whats happening. At the end of the day, you’ll be his super star! Follow these steps:

Step 1:


Click the link below – download these printables right now and to check them out.

It’s FREE and instant.


Print in color for extra pop! If you do not have a printer, put the file onto a USB stick and print off at office depot – it’ll be cheap to do this.


For a professional look, we highly recommend you have the entire page laminated – Office Depoto a similar office supply store should be able to do this for you for cheap. It only takes a few minutes and adds a major WOW factor!

Cut into 8 pieces

Cut it roughly – we’ve designed our printables so you do not need to be neat and it will still look good.

Step 2


Lay your cute printables around the house for him to find on Father’s Day… think of what he’ll be doing that day:




On his phone

On his breakfast plate – or as a coaster on his coffee cup

This is the fun part. You’ll be giggling away as you place these around the house. It only takes a few minutes to stick them in some creative places. If he misses them, you can always move them around in a more obvious location throughout the day.

Step 3


Wait and grin. Watch as he begins to find the printables… play along, but do not tell. Let the anticipation build. Allow the mystery do its work.

This right here is where the magic happens. The anticipation alone will win you Father’s Day! Curiosity and surprise makes for the most fun experiences. We guarantee you’ve already started to make his day super special by now.

Step 4


The final puzzle, leads to a bottle of massage oil.

If you don’t have massage oil at home already – here’s Melt’s Massage oil! It’s cheap:

  • 16oz Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil (cheaper than most 8oz bottles on Amazon – and double the volume)
  • BONUS 4oz baby bottle – it’s empty. Perfect for your romantic weekends away
  • 3 caps for you. Pump | Quick Access | Solid Cap

Cold pressed Sweet Almond Oil is progressively absorbed into the skin. It creates the most amazing consistency for the perfect oil drag – just what every good massage needs.

I created these bottles with one thing in mind. What would I want from an oil company?

I want value for money and versatility. 16oz will outlast even the most back rub enthusiastic couples. Massage each other weekly, and this bottle will still last you all year. But I also want a small bottle for ease of use. Fill up the baby bottle, store the big guy in the fridge. Take the baby bottle with you on your romantic weekends away, or to simply use at home.

Step 5


Give him a back rub. This is the amazing part! All the hype, all the anticipation leads to the most relaxing back rub – the perfect way to unwind and share some quality time together.

Don’t have time? If you cannot give him a back rub on Father’s Day after the children have gone to sleep, this one little thing works like a charm…

Give him a cuddle and a kiss and tell him that you cannot wait to get your hands on him. You have planned for a night together where you’ll both learn how to give each other a back rub.

That’s it – super simple, yet all the elements you need to have him feel special. Don’t think just because he is a man he doesbn’t appreciate being thought of. We’re all human, we all want to be wanted and thought of. This type of experience as a gift touches on all the important aspects of basic human needs:

  • To be loved
  • And thought of
  • To be appreciated
  • And taken care of
  • To be relaxed, and given a pampering attentive back rub.
  • The perfect Father’s Day!
How to Give a
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