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Here are some of the questions that peeps have asked Denis.

1. Can I get hurt from getting a massage from my boyfriend?

by Sarah C

Denis’ response:

On a typical healthy body, my answer is no.

If your boyfriend massages you with too much pressure he may bruise your muscle – this type of bruise may not physically show up like a normal bruise – but you’ll feel it. Like all bruises your body will heal.

My advice is that you know your body better than anyone else. If the massage hurts or is uncomfortable – let him know and tell him to back off. If it continues tell him to stop or walk away.

2. How do I stop my thumbs from hurting?

by Josh A

Denis’ response:

Don’t use them so much.

I know it’s hard not to – naturally the thumbs feel like the right technique to use but they’re far too small and easily overworked.

My thumbs are my secret weapon! Like the punch line to a joke – I save it for just the right time.

Use open hand techniques, use your palms, fingers, knuckles and even forearms to make your partner ooh and ahh, and just before they’re about turn into putty bring out the thumbs. They’ll melt in your hands, forgive you for everything they’ve ever held against you or grant you that wish they’ve been with-holding from you since the day you asked.

3. I get bored when I massage

by Alexie C

Denis’ response:

A lot of couples have this complaint. It’s because you don’t have enough techniques up your sleeve.

The intermediate and advanced courses include very long massage sequences that you can follow, either print off, or place it on your ipad, laptop or even display it on your TV. I’ve set the sequences out to allow you to create multiple patterns creating several combination of routines – you’ll never get bored!

You can download all the courses as a package and save over 50%:
Download Couples Massage Courses Here

4. My boyfriend doesn’t like massage – what do I do?

by Kendall G

Denis’ response:

Find a new boyfriend.

5. My hands get sore quickly

by Katie E

Denis’ response:

You must be using too many deep tissue techniques.

You need to incorporate relaxation strokes into your routine. A brilliant massage therapist will give you the illusion that they are 100% deep tissue when in-fact they only spend 30% of their time using deep tissue techniques and 70% relaxation.

My deep tissue techniques are not applied to an entire area such as the back. I only go deep on specific areas of tension where I find knots or muscles that are tight and bound, the rest of my movements are light and fluffy. This means I give the person a few seconds of deep tissue (you know that really good pain feeling), then rub it out gently soothing the area and giving the impression that I’m still releasing the muscle. This combination allows my hands to continue to massage without getting sore while making it feel like its continually deep and tension releasing.

Large movements should be relaxation techniques, deep tissue motions should be short and specific and then washed out with the heel of your palm for maximum effect.

Grab the intermediate course – it’s jam packed with brilliant massage techniques that work specifically on areas that I guarantee will feel amazing. This means you wont have to massage as deep to get an amazing effect and your hands wont hurt. Download the Intermediate Couples Massage Course – it’s perfect for you!

6. Can I massage breasts?

by Tim E

Denis’ response:

Yes you can… and it’s awesome for everyone involved!

I highly recommend it; it would be a crying shame if you didn’t! Unfortunately I don’t teach breast massage in my courses – it may be an add on at a later point in time. By the time you’ve gone through my intermediate course you’ll have a fair understanding on the principles of massage and should be able to work through this area without guidance. Your partner will be able to tell you what feels good and what doesn’t.

7. Where is the sexiest place to massage?

by Sonja D

Denis’ response:

Hmm, it’s such a personal question. I’m assuming you’re talking about the sexiest environment to massage in.

I love massaging on the floor or on a bench seat, in an environment that I’ve set up to be private and sexy. I also find new places / surroundings to be very sexy… a high-rise Hotel at night in the window overlooking city lights could be a very very sexy way to make your partner melt!

8. He always wants it deeper! My hands just don’t get in deep enough.

by Jane J

Denis’ response:

You need to pick and choose when to go deep for maximum effect! 70% of my massage is easy flowing relaxation techniques, and only 30% is deep.

Even the smallest of hands can bring large burley men to tears, you simply need know the right points to press. Throw in a combination of right points, with some heavy palms and flowy hands and your man will be purring like a kitten. Inside my courses I’ll show you where to hit the right spots to get his motor humming.

Check out the advanced course – Advanced Couples Massage Techniques. Make sure you’ve covered the previous courses first, or be confident with your massage.

9. My man is hairy – what to do?!

by Louise W

Denis’ response:

Hairy areas require more oil.

Without enough oil the hair will become matted and knotty. It’ll be painful and may need to be cut out if knotted up.

10. My wife has hurt her neck – what do I do?

by Robert S

Denis’ response:

DO NOT massage her… you may make it worse.

Injuries are best to be treated by a qualified practitioner.

11. The oil makes it feel too slippery

by Damien A

Denis’ response:

You’re using too much oil.

When adding oil to the body only apply enough oil to your hands so that when you rub them together you don’t see more than one or two drop fall down. Don’t squirt the oil onto your partner. Keep coming back to the oil bottle several times until the desired consistency has been achieved.

You’ll find a detailed explanation of how to apply oil in the basic course. I highly recommend the download, it’s only $9.99! Go to Basic Couples Massage Course – only $9.99!

12. Can I use massage oil as a lubricant during sex? It’s all over us anyways so can we just go straight into it?

by Richard K

Denis’ response:

Massage oil is a natural product and shouldn’t irritate you during sex. I’d make sure that you both are not allergic to the oil before you begin. For example, Sweet Almond Oil (which is what I use) is made from nuts – obviously don’t use that oil if you’re allergic to nuts. Try apricot oil or grape seed oil.

Oils can degrade latex, so I DO NOT recommend using massage oils if you plan to use condoms during sex, although you could continue the fun in the shower and wash off the oil before knocking socks.

13. What oils can I use?

by Emma O

Denis’ response:

Personally I use cold pressed sweet almond oil. It’s very easy to source, you can buy it any health food store and even at some supermarkets. It’s a base oil with a smooth consistency. If you’re allergic to nuts use apricot oil or grape seed oil.

14. Can you over massage? Is there a thing such as too much?

by Jason C

Denis’ response:

Yes there is, but it’s a gradual thing. It’s not like you’ll get to a point and your partner will snap, break or explode.

Typically in a 30 minute massage the only way you’ll massage too much is if you go in far too hard, for too long on the one spot.

The longest I’ve spent giving the one person a massage is 2.5 hours. Personally, I couldn’t comfortably lay on a massage table for that long. The 2.5 hour massage was a full body treatment and that person would have been fine to receive another massage the following day.

You can massage your partner daily. If you bruise a muscle because the technique was too deep, your partner will feel it, especially the following day. If you try to massage a bruised muscle they may complain of irritation. If they slap you because you’ve massaged an area that is tender, then it’s a clear indication that you’ve over massaged.

15. Can I warm up the oil before I use it?

by Hendra M

Denis’ response:

I highly recommend you warm up the oil using your hands. Add oil to your hands and rub them together. You can warm up your hands under warm water if they’re cold.

DO NOT use a flame, stove top, microwave or any other source to warm up the oil as you run the risk of seriously burning both you and your partner.

Some massage therapists place their oil bottle into warm water (just like warming up a baby bottle). Personally I stick to warming the oil up in my hands as the baby bottle technique may kill the mood of my intimate massage.

16. What’s included in the downloads, video, books, online?

by Lindsay B

Denis’ response:

Currently there are 3 massage ebooks available to download. The Basic Massage Course, Intermediate and Advanced – these include large colour photos of the body with hand positioning and movement diagrams as well as comprehensive explanation of each massage stroke.

Each ebook includes a massage sequence you can print off and keep next to you, or load up on your ipad, tablet, laptop or TV.

Video is coming, sometime in 2012. For those of you who have purchased ALL 3 ebooks or do so before the release of the video, you’ll be invited to download the videos free – as a thank you for supporting me in the early days.

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