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Your voucher has been emailed, it’s most likely found in the spam / promotional folder.
If you cannot find the email, contact us and include your phone number just in case >  click here to contact us:

Your Voucher Includes:

  • Access to Melt’s MasterClass
  • Access to the Head, Hands and Feet Routines
  • 1 x Playtime Classes Access

Redeem The Voucher To View Classes

The recipient to start the subscription when they are ready.

  • To create an account / view classes the voucher must be redeemed first
  • Click here for instructions on how to redeem your voucher
  • Instructions are also included in the email

Instant Access

Upon voucher redemption the recipient will receive:

  • Instant Access to Melt’s MasterClass
  • Instant Access to Head Hands and Feet
  • 1 x PlayTime Token code

Accessing PlayTime Events

PlayTime Events are scheduled according to a set time frame, we do this as a group. These classes cannot be accessed until the event starts.

  • You MUST has an active Melt MasterClass subscription to access PlayTime
  • Your token can be used on any PlayTime event, one time only.
  • If you cancel your subscription, you will not be able to use your token
  • Re-subscribe with the same account and your token will be available

blank gift certificates

Below you’ll find a link to blank gift vouchers.

Write in the voucher code that was emailed to you and the recipient can follow the instructions in the voucher to redeem their Melt subscription.

Subscriptions will auto-renew after the period of time you’ve purchased for the recipient has ended.

Recipients can cancel at anytime should they choose not to continue with their subscription.