The Wrong Way…

In this course you’re learning how to use your Melt Massage for Couples oil.

Couples never do it the way professional practitioners do

Applying oil is easy, but couples never do it the way professional practitioners do. And that’s what I’m teaching you today. There’s an art to it, we’re making your hands feel like a pro instantly!

Don’t start your massage off wrong

It’s a turn off and we want your partner to want your hands on them.

After this course – I have massage techniques for you. Lots of them! Techniques that will make your partner hum and purr with “hmms” and “ahhs!” This is in my MasterClass, you can upgrade to it at any time.

I know some of you are eager to jump in right away! For you go-getters I love your enthusiasm… I have a special deal for you below – get onto this quick. The clock is ticking!

Melt’s MasterClass includes EVERYTHING

Melt’s MasterClass includes EVERYTHING you need to give the perfect back rub! INCLUDING: 3 back massage routines for you to follow along to:

  • 5 min (beginner: neck, shoulders and back + relaxation)
  • 15 min (pro level: knots + stress relief + sleep better)
  • 30 min (advanced: deep tissue + high level massage)

This makes it so easy for you to know exactly what to do with your hands, where to massage and how to massage. No need to think, just follow along and give the perfect back rub!

Our content is streamed online. Watch it anywhere – at home, or away on a romantic weekend. There’s more than enough to keep you learning even after you run out of massage oil.

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